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PHI 3640- Discussion: Regeneration Book

Aug 4, 2023

This discussion response/post will only help you with reading and critiquing your Regeneration book.
What moved you?
What concerned you?
What critiques do you have?
Be as creative as you wish and come up with what moves and motivates you.

Regeneration Book

The Regeneration Book is amazing and a very important book, I am enjoying reading this book as it is a positive ray of hope. The systematic breakdown of different topics makes the process of reading very easy. Being an environmental ethics student, it is very crucial to be aware of not only the problems but also the possibilities by which we can find solutions to the problems with a realistic approach. The first chapter on the Oceans is very informative as we don’t realize how crucial it is to take care of our oceans as the situation is worsening day by day. I do realize the benefits of the marine protected areas as we are facing the problems of overfishing and pollution regularly.
My favorite topics are forests and wildlife, it is very important to understand that forests are our life-savers, they are the greatest remover of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. We need to focus on creating awareness of afforestation, reforestation and reforestation. It is tragic to know about the extinction of rocky mountain grey wolves, and if we don’t take appropriate actions from now onwards, we might lose almost half of our world’s flora and fauna within a few decades, as the statistics suggest. The grazing chapter is very interesting.
There are a lot of issues to be concerned about, but interestingly as I was reading through the book, the most important concern for me was our interference with nature, and human interference in altering our environment for our utilization. The questions raised in my mind were, are we misusing the power that nature has provided us to destroy the very own source of our existence, that is nature itself, what makes us do such things, what is the source of our destructive mindset is what that is making me think. Still, long way to go, but reading this book is a morale booster and motivating journey, It tells us that we have to be the change, not just look for change.

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