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HU245-Bioethics Position Paragraph

Jul 28, 2023

    Bioethics Position Paragraph

    Your task is to write a paragraph (maximum length of one page double spaced) that analyzes one specific bioethical issue. You choose which bioethical issue to write about; in this assignment, reflect deeply on a topic that matters to you. If you need help selecting a topic, consult with your instructor. 

    You should write about a bioethical issue that strikes you as interesting, important, and relevant. For example, if, when reading the assigned chapter in the text, you recalled a personal situation involving bioethics that you thought was unethical, you might write a position paragraph about how that situation relates to your reading. The point of the assignment is for you to reflect deeply on one concept and its relevance to your own life. If you find it difficult to select a topic to write about or have any questions about how your paper should be organized, please consult your instructor. 

    • You must apply at least one ethical theory to support your position and explain how a different theory supports the counter view when applied to this issue. 
    • You must also show how your position supported by ethical theory is stronger than another position supported by another theory. 

    It is not enough to name a theory; you must explain the theory and demonstrate how your position reflects the logic and reasoning of that theory. 

    Remember that theory is the “why” behind your beliefs. 


    Bioethics Position Paragraph

    Bioethics is the process of applications of ethical principles in order to determine ethical questions that can be appeared from various kinds of research related to biology, and medicine.

    Identification of bioethical issues:

    The chosen bioethical issue for this assignment is organ donation and transplantation, a medical strategy. Organ donation can be described as to give an organ or a part of the organ that to be transplanted into the body of another person and organ transplantation refers to the only option for those who suffer from terminal organ failure (Lucivero & Jongsma 2018, p. 687). 

    Application of ethical theory to own position:

    The theory discussed here, in support of organ donation and transplantation is the Distributive justice theory. The main saying of this theory is there are many ways that can rightly defend giving an organ to a particular person over another (Jawoniyi et al. 2018, p. e728). It is approved by the University Of Washington School Of Medicine to include equal share, according to need, contribution, and effort, beneficial and according to free-market exchanges. This theory right supports the ethical issues associated with this process.

    Application of ethical theory to opposing position:

    Living organ donation theory can be presented here as the opposing theory. Besides having some benefits there are a lot of issues with this process. Some ethical and medical professionals, strongly disagree with this procedure. It should be strictly demoralized due to the risk of having some health issues like pain, infection, discomfort, developing a blood clot, and allergic reaction that can be severe with time (Córdoba et al. 2020, p. 530).


    Finally, with the possible benefits and risks associated with organ donation and transplantation, we can conclude that this medical process is a beneficial process in most cases as it can save the life of the patient along with having some little risks for mainly the donor.


    Córdoba, A., Mejía, L. F., Mannis, M. J., Navas, A., Madrigal-Bustamante, J. A., & Graue-Hernandez, E. O. (2020). Current global bioethical dilemmas in corneal transplantation. Cornea39(4), 529-533.

    Jawoniyi, O., Gormley, K., McGleenan, E., & Noble, H. R. (2018). Organ donation and transplantation: awareness and roles of healthcare professionals—a systematic literature review. Journal of Clinical Nursing27(5-6), e726-e738.

    Lucivero, F., & Jongsma, K. R. (2018). A mobile revolution for healthcare? Setting the agenda for bioethics. Journal of Medical Ethics44(10), 685-689.

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