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NURS 495- Emergency Response Planning

Aug 27, 2023

The healthcare team has just been notified that there is a civic disturbance with injuries at City Hall in Sentinel City.

Visit City Hall. Observe the services, routes, and populations that may be involved with the city as a result of the civic disturbance. Create a report that describes the potential public health effects and environmental hazards related to the civic disturbance. Describe the members and roles of the emergency management team and organizations (public and private) that would be activated in Sentinel City”. Who are the members of the emergency response team that will be deployed? What private and public resources will assist with the response in the short and long term? What are the risks and benefits of using social media in this situation?

Emergency Response Planning

The capability of a country to react to crises and disasters mostly depends upon the competency of medical experts including general populace healthcare authorities to promptly and efficiently diagnose, treat, and convey throughout an incident that causes substantial wounds or mass executions. Catastrophes are frequently unexpected, grave, and unusual occurrences that interfere with vital social care, increase serious illnesses, or cause death that is impossible to reduce absent the assistance of individuals beyond society (Harkness & DeMarco, 2016, p.407). A significant global safety problem and one of the deadliest environmental disasters is storms. Despite the tremendous air pressure and accompanying weather, they can damage solid constructions, and uproot plants, vegetation, and other materials, frequently resulting in a large number of fatalities and economic damage (Wang et al. 2017, p,1201).

Destruction to buildings, ecological risks, and population health

Environmental hazards may be categorized into four classes based on how they affect the well-being of the community: immediate impacts on people’s wellness, immediate impacts mostly on the medical sector, detrimental influence on community mental wellbeing, or indirect consequences upon that care process. Community welfare is directly impacted, for instance, by emergency fatalities and injuries. Another possible adverse consequence for public health following severe weather is indeed a contagious illness epidemic.

Residents of Sentinel City must keep an eye out for significant ecological risks such as liquefied gasoline or chemicals leakage, and polluted water, including uncontrollable domestic, commercial, and healthcare debris. Destruction of nearby medical services, including the facility or regional dispensaries, is one possible infrastructural problem. Minimal services can be accessible to assist with the assessment and therapy of persons who have been wounded or unwell if treatment centers are destroyed (Harkness & DeMarco, 2016, p.407). Transportation systems that have been damaged or obstructed might also cause problems, which would prolong the responsiveness of essential clinical professionals. The water purification tree’s destruction represents a possible alternative infrastructural problem. The ecological risks may also be directly impacted by this. Advertisements that encouraged the pandemic vaccination as well as those that advised against emailing, drinking, and eating could be seen throughout Acer Centre. Advertisements for music broadcasting, drug and alcohol treatment, immunizations, and local elections might be included in advertisements. There was a banner that warned against texting and driving. Two banners might be spotted inside the Manufacturing Heights neighborhood. An advertisement targeted expectant moms. Another poster in the vicinity promoted the use of e-cigarettes rather than conventional cigarettes. Risk response awareness in infectious diseases enables those in need to comprehend and implement preventive actions. To ensure that the guidance offered is pertinent, trustworthy, and suitable, this also enables authority and specialists to pay attention to or respond to the requirements and interests of persons in danger. I’ll talk about the E. coli epidemic that’s now affecting Sentinel Cities in this essay. I’ll certainly make a brief public remark on this epidemic.

The government must start implementing its immediate crisis strategic approach as soon as a major event occurs. One of the most successful catastrophe strategies includes a systematic emergency control system and therefore is simple to comprehend and follow (Harkness & DeMarco, 2016, p.407). An organizational concept called an emergency operation center was established to enhance emergency service. This offers a group of persons, rules, guidelines, and tools intended to enhance rapid response strategies (Harkness & DeMarco, 2016).

Whenever a massive storm hits Sentinel City, the governor would serve as the disaster response as well as direct most other activities. A social relations specialist, a security specialist, as well as a communication specialist, will all be part of the commanding officers. The government would engage the public affairs specialist to serve as the local affairs coordinator. To keep regional media programs, as well as media sources, updated on the activities, this individual would be in charge of this task (Harkness & DeMarco, 2016, p.407). The security manager would be the police commissioner for Sentinel City. This individual should keep an eye outside for prospective dangers and address any present security concerns. The liaison is a local member who collaborates directly with the governor daily. The leaders of the respective departments, plans sector, transportation portion, and financial services part would oversee the entire personnel. The basic personnel would also consist of general practitioners, state law enforcement agents, community team members, and firemen (public). Across the stores, banners and advertisements could be observed in the storefronts as well as the doorways. Every bus stop has a guidebook available. Sentinel City Radio Buzz mentioned a radio program. According to radio program data, they broadcast community service messages, and most of them include health-related data. A large percentage of viewers have been over the maturity level over-65 demographic making up the largest portion of the community. A monthly magazine that is sent to every urban resident was mentioned during a conversation with the mayors of Town. Using this kind of communication can help people stay informed about changes and advancements in the neighborhood.

Supplies from the Public and Corporate Sectors

The community fire and security departments are two examples of public services that might be aided by the immediate catastrophe reaction. The public will be managed by police and firefighters, who will also aid in the triage of trauma patients by medical professionals. Healthcare professionals will help with the emergency response as well. These services are primarily public and private.  Public funds from national, regional, or municipal governments would be used to finance the emergency control approach for all short- and long-term maintenance, including reconstruction and reorganization following recovery (Harkness & DeMarco, 2016, p.407). Additionally, private groups that provide emergency relief can take donations.

Using social networking platforms can indeed be helpful when responding to a severe catastrophe. One of these advantages is indeed the quick dissemination of knowledge to a huge populace. To convey orders and material to impacted residents, national, regional, and municipal governments use social networking sites (Harkness & DeMarco, 2016, p.407). Notwithstanding the interruption of mobile telephone connectivity at the tornado’s height, the Federal Emergency Management Administration noted through its 2013 Nationwide readiness report that individuals submitted over 20 million tweets about Superstorm Sandy during and soon after the disaster (Alexander, 2014, p.717). Social media comes with a negative edge, even though it may be utilized to deliver current and regionally important news. Social networks could be employed to dissipate misinformation that undermines government, incite terrorism, and undermine circumstances.


Despite the severity of crises, preparedness and risk evaluation may lessen the negative effects on society. There has to be an emergency preparedness protocol in place throughout all government agencies. All private and government funds will be applied to support the catastrophe recovery effort. Social networking sites have the potential to dispel misconceptions as well as to effectively communicate facts to big audiences.

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