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NUR 4835- Nurse Physician communication

Aug 2, 2023


Review the sample of this assignment (An excellent though not perfect example of this one-page assignment.) As you begin exploring any issue, a scholarly review of the literature must be the first step. As professionals, nurses must use an evidence-based practice approach to problem-solving. Students will conduct a scholarly literature search on a management issue that has been assigned to them. The student’s submission for this assignment reflects only a preliminary examination of the current literature on this topic.

The student will submit a one-page paper (plus a title page and reference page) for this assignment. The student will identify at least five scholarly publications that directly address the assigned topic. These articles and topics will be used for this assignment as well as the Review of Literature (ROL) Presentation, and the Leadership Paper. **If you use a study from outside the United States, you must make sure the study, data, and results are applicable to the American healthcare system. Please note the country of origin of all studies you include in this assignment.”

Nurse –Physician communication

Nursing-related journal: A cross-sectional study was conducted with the objective to assess the patient’s experience of the communication consistency between nurse-physician and other staff and their effects on the health of the patients (von Knorring et al. 2020, p.617). A total of 12,506 patients, of popular trust in England, were surveyed for the same and advised to give remarks on the medical staff of that trust. The result showed that there a 5% increase in the proportion of nurses leads to the 7% disease in patient inconsistency in collaboration and communication among staff. The finding also suggests that communication between nurses and physician is not only crucial among the staff for the smooth workflow but also mandatory for the welfare of the patients and for providing the utmost care to the patients.

Another journal that has been selected for this discussion comprises the intervention techniques used to enhance the communication between the nurses and the physicians within the intensive care unit (ICU) (Wang et al. 2018, p.87). The study also suggested that the use of different communication tools, training of the staff, cooperative working environment, and electronic record assessment technologies are crucially responsible to pursue effective communication between nurses and physicians.

Primary research journal: an article that consists of the primary data collected from the 24 staff nurses from six private hospitals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was selected for this discussion (Amudha et al. 2018, p.6). It primarily focuses on the barriers to nurse-physician communications. The findings highlighted three prime barriers which include, the work readiness of the nurses, the working environment, and the physician’s attributes. This article also provides measures to overcome the barriers to building healthy relationships among all medical professionals and patients.

Educational Journal: qualitative research methodology has been adopted in this journal to access the dimensions of nurse physicians’ communications. The objective of this study is to explore the strategies that healthcare professionals use to adopt in order to enhance the Nurse – Physician Communications (NPC) (Hamdan, 2017, p.85). The result of this study emphasized four major themes which prove to be beneficial in this subject, they are nurse’s empowerment, nurse and physician’s accountability, Multidisciplinary care delivery, and mutual respect. Each of the themes should be accessed carefully to enhance NPC communication.

Another journal that has been taken for this discussion emphasizes improving leadership communications in nurse physicians’ dyad teams. A quality improvement project was designed to improve the communications in the dyad leadership teams (James, 2017, p.6). The finding showed that, proper training and education, coaching, standardization of the processes, taking interpersonal accountability, collaboration, and the major contributing factors in the establishment of optimum collaboration and communication.


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