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NUR 448- Week 1 Discussion: Work Application

Sep 15, 2023

Answer the following questions…..

Week 1 Discussion

Describe any experiences you have had working with someone from a different culture.

People from varied backgrounds, including those from other countries who practice other religions and those who have different sexual orientations, make up every organization I’ve worked for. I’ve been able to succeed in my career because of this expertise and my grasp of how to get along with different types of people. As an example of this, I was assigned the responsibility of collaborating with the team in one of our overseas offices. It was necessary to build and report on a patient’s requirements or difficulties that would be pertinent to his vital conditions during the duration of therapy. We have very different cultural backgrounds and communication styles, so the challenges here were immediately apparent. I offered that we spend some time getting to know one another before starting the report since I knew that in order to accomplish the goal, we would need to overcome these disparities. We conquered our cultural challenges by getting to know one another’s origins, histories, and personal experiences. It also taught us how to communicate effectively with one another. We set aside our differences, the reporting was completed on time, and despite its failure, his therapy was successful. Within six months of starting therapy, he was able to resume his normal activities and attain complete health.

Describe why you are interested in pursuing nursing as a career.

I wanted to work in an area that interests me, challenges me, and continuously improves people’s lives. As a nurse, you deal with a wide range of patient care issues. Thus I see the variation in your daily schedule as a perk of the job. I get great joy from helping patients, and their families get through what can often be a trying period.

I was drawn to nursing after observing how much my mother, a nurse, delights in caring for people daily. I’ve known since I was a small child that I want to become a nurse. As I learned, I was also a good match for the work, my excitement for nursing and devotion to the profession developed throughout college and nursing school. One of the qualities that makes me a good nurse is my capacity for communication with others and the ability to explain concepts in both a technical and non-technical manner.

I chose to pursue nursing because I enjoy learning new things. To provide my patients with the best care possible, I always push myself as a nurse to keep current on education and medical breakthroughs. Every day I learn new skills from my coworkers and patients, which inspires me to grasp better the methods and approaches I use as a nurse.

Describe an experience where you overcame a challenge.

My biggest challenge as a nurse has been figuring out how to use the various “Electronic Health Record (EHR)” programs used at the facilities where I have worked. My clinical skills have never been a problem, but I’ve had to get used to the many EHR platforms, such as EPIC and Cerner. I got through these challenges by taking part in extra training sessions offered by my company and properly documenting each training session. Taking these detailed notes allowed me to have a reference point when I needed help figuring out what to do.

When I started out in my nursing profession, it took me a long time to complete patient evaluations. It took forever to finish the patient information for the exams. I was a perfectionist and would spend too much time on the little things, which would make me slack off on all of my other daily responsibilities. I have to take a step backward to get over this. Even though I continued to treasure these nuances, I proceeded through the data-collecting process more rapidly in order to manage my daily responsibilities and provide my patients with better treatment.

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