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NUR 356- M8.3 Class Discussion: Personal and Professional Goal

Aug 9, 2023

Include details about the “Requirements for the accomplishment of personal and professional goals” paragraph in this week’s discussion.

M8.3 Class Discussion: Personal and Professional Goal

Goals are essential in every person’s life as they help to set up priorities in life. Goals can be both short-term and long-term. The professional and/or personal goals are making quick and smarter decisions, the ability to manage time in a better way, being adaptable to change, and accepting responsibilities. People having leadership qualities will have their priorities set. It is goals that make a person an efficient and effective leader.

A disciplined and planned schedule for each day is needed to accomplish such goals. A check on periodic progress is very much required for the accomplishment of these goals. Small and steady steps towards each goal are needed to succeed. Professional help can also assist to accomplish these goals by providing realistic and more rational ideas. From a personal front, it is needed to determine whether the values will be aligned with the goals. Interaction with people with the same kind of goals is required to compare the progress toward achieving these goals. Those people can also help if some difficulties are faced in the process.

A quicker and smarter decision can be made by considering different scenarios and the probable outcomes. Time can be managed in a better way by managing the deadlines and tracking the actual time needed to be spent on each task. Keeping distractions away and focusing on the job is the best way to manage time efficiently. A habit and urge to continuously learn new things and being aware of what is happening in the surrounding will ensure adaptability to change.

A nurse has to face various tough circumstances during the service period and this is why traits of a leader in a nurse are required. There will be emergencies where being a nurse quick and proper decisions have to be taken. Acceptance of responsibilities in a proper manner will make the treatment and care of every patient easier. These responsibilities need time to accomplish and that can be done efficiently by managing time in a better way. The technology used in medical science and treatments is advancing day by day, hence, being adaptable to change will be a plus point.

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