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MUS 347- Week 8 Discussion: Jazz Music

Aug 29, 2023

Why isn’t jazz more popular?

As we approach the end of this class, why do you think jazz music is not more popular? Do you think jazz is deserving of more attention in the landscape of contemporary music? Why or why not?

Week 8 Discussion: Jazz Music

Based on the question asked above Jazz grasps the idea about the music of contemporary music, with the style of the music which is prevalent for the era, which popularized within the radio system from the words in the mouth. Therefore, I believe that with its newer genres jazz music takes over all forms of music. Moreover, I liked jazz so much because this brought a transition to society. After all, it happens to bring out changes while creating social advancement to give an advanced structure to the people and while they can otherwise encompass the library of music with no such genres to preserve from the world to understand the multitude of music which is generated from the different forms of jazz music. Moreover, jazz forms of music have been popular for centuries. Therefore, I believe that jazz is considered to be more graceful as it is likely to take away the attention of all the different forms of music. Thus, this question asks about a different set of answers relevant to the point of whether jazz can be considered to be any more a good form of music. While, I believe that yes, it is a popular form of music, it is becoming unpopular under the pressure of fancy digital musical instruments.

On the contrary, I would want to share that the reason why jazz is not considered to be a popular form of music these days is because of its culture. Therefore, every time the culture changes, with all the musical eras. While in the case of, jazz which has been promoted around a series of ideas with certain groups, most likely most of the genres have their culture with its specified fan base, which includes radical changes, with a freestyle rap to overshadow a hip-hop club hits which is less than a mainstream Rap form of music. Moreover, jazz is moreover, left to be an unpopular music form now because, several music forms are com up, which is leading society, while the people are appreciating them. We should never forget the enchanting values and the videos that we used to get from the various genres of jazz forms of music.

Perhaps, some people believed that jazz could be considered to be unpopular because, there are a lot of people, who have been listening to an exposed or catchy form of music and started to appreciate the singer with their vocal sayings. Moreover, with all the negative ends, I would state that jazz plays a vital role with its dated genres and the vibe that was created from the musical journey of jazz music forms of music. Hence, I think that the influence of the jazz form of music is exaggerated from all forms of music and cannot be considered to be listed as an unpopular form of art because jazz gave us the vibe of the musical journey and its elevated musical forms which is considered to be coming down from the memory lane of history. As nowadays, the music forms are generally generated from the electric keyboard or forms with the help of fancy digital sounds, while jazz is a set of true fancy musical forms.      

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