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MUS 347- Jazz Standards

Aug 26, 2023

Jazz Standards

Jazz Standards In the listening examples and the lectures, you have already listened to multiple versions of “Tiger Rag” and “Body and Soul.” We describe particular pieces of music as “jazz standards” if they have been played and recorded many times by jazz musicians and thus are well-known by the jazz community. Choose one of the following songs:

  1. “All the Things You Are” (Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II);
  2. “What is This Thing Called Love?” (Cole Porter);
  3. “Stella By Starlight” (Victor Young, Ned Washington); or
  4. “My Funny Valentine” (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart).

Once you have chosen your song, seek out and listen to three versions of that song. List which three versions you listened to (primary artist, album, etc.) Which was your favorite? Why?

Discussion Board: Students will answer eight (8) discussion board questions over the semester. In each of the four (4) units in this course, there will be two (2) related discussion questions. Questions can be found under the Discussions tab of the class website. See the What’s Happening section on the Home Page or below for opening and closing dates for the questions. Some of the later questions ask you to consider the whole history of jazz. Other questions will ask you to consider an aspect of jazz history and relate it to your experience in the present day.

Jazz Standards

“What is This Thing Called Love?” (Cole Porter)

To complete this week’s discussion, I wanted to listen to “What is This Thing Called Love? composed by Cole Porter for the musical warriors involved in Wake Up and Dream. Thus, this song after it was published, in the year 1929, became a significant part of popular jazz standards, on the other hand, Porter often plays with all his compositions and ideas which are likely to be discussed. First of all, I would like to mention the first version which I liked of “What is This Thing Called Love?” by Leslie Hutchinson. , I heard the song which was performed by Leslie Hutchinson with all the bass, and cymbals in the beginning and even at the end. I find that this song which was sung was slow and it relaxed my mind. Moreover, I would want to mention the melody of this song which has a strong impact on the listener to relate to the melody, as it was performed with Hutchinson. Subsequently, Hutchinson sang the song with the piano playing in the background. I find it so soothing, as I find it interesting because of the way light-toned song, which was played on playing the cymbals, in the beginning, and by the end of the piece.

The second version of the song “What is This Thing Called Love?” is from the version which was sung by Charlie Parker. When I heard this song, I found it very energetic with the lyrics as well and I would say that this song was sung by Charlie Parker who creates a scenario of joy and cheerfulness for the audience to learn the significance and meanings formed in the lyrics. Although in the beginning this was followed by a solo piano that includes a good bass, and a guitar and involved playing drums with an active vocal style. I find this version to have no harmony in it, while it involved the song with pure instruments. While this son of Charlie Parker was very instrumental.

The last version which I heard of “What Is This Thing Called Love?” and liked the most was from Ella Fitzgerald. This is one of the most energetic forms of the song. She used a faster tempo, which was accompanied by different instruments, like guitar, bass, drums, and trumpet. I think that Ella was loud in this song, the voice is very loud and soothing on the bass, and I find it instrumental. I think using the instruments made the moment of the song that was sung. Ella’s voice is so energetic that it makes the audience feel the ambiance so that they can feel the song well, so can learn the original meaning of the song. I found the song from Ella, which was good, with all the background bass, and drums, and the song was formed to be instrumental. This song from Ella was more energetic than any other version, so I would want to be biased enough to state that I loved the version from Ella Fitzgerald.   

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