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MUS 347- Discussion 5: Bebop: Evolution or Revolution?

Aug 28, 2023

Do you think of bebop as more of an evolution or a revolution from swing? Why? Discuss specific musical examples.

Discussion 5: Bebop: Evolution or Revolution?

Many say that Bebop is an evolutionary measure rather than it can be called revolutionary. Therefore on this, I would also mention that bebop is evolving from the Swing. As it also comprises a faster tempo rather than swing. Hank Jones stated the fact, that bebop might not have been seen on anything which is next to a logical progression, as it is not for a couple of historic events which is kept in terms of incubating the music system while wrapping it, and while incendiary personalities of some of the leading musicians.

Therefore, with these findings, I would go for Bebop being breaking the Evolution, as it unchains all the soloist musicians. While focusing on making an improvisation, which was allowed by Bebop related to an explosion based on the innovation. While many aspects mainly focus on the swing which can import, the triplet-based swing style can be felt, and the proclivity for the Blues. Thus, with these evolutionary powers, it can be judged that bebop musicians have been playing the tunes at a must faster rate tempos. Therefore, I think that Bebop wanted to try new things, with a solo intercut or making further improvisations.  

Bebop is evolutionary, this brought up evolution to the music understandings, which relate to swing music. Therefore, it is almost connected directly to the swing, as it was created during the swing era. Moreover, Bebop takes the place of swing music with the most popular forms of American music. Moreover, Bebop is far more complex based on its musical ends, comparing it with the Big Band Swing forbearer. While Tempos are often faster, while they have melodies that can be intricate, they difficult to play than in the case of the swing era. While Bebop musicians mainly improvise far more complex with a solo rather than in the Swing Era. This brought an experimental change to the music society, which took a group approach to making an improvisation based on the solo articles to be rather informal with an arguable version of jazz.

Thus, I think that Bebop musicians brought evolutionary change because their entire point was to escape from reality. Moreover, the entire stage simply belongs to the stage of the simple soloist play, their solos on a back-to-back note. Thus, it can be displayed with all the different raw skills. While Bebop created a new genre rather than creating an extension related to its forefather, which is jazz. Therefore, this is recognized as an evolution rather than any revolution, as it experiences redefining things completely to make changes about the face of jazz. Thus, Bebop is evolutionary in terms of its sounds.

In my opinion, I would want to disclose that Bebop can be estimated as a style relevant to modern jazz which was pioneered in the mid-1940s. Therefore, it became the basis of contemporary jazz. Compared to this, music is associated with Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, and Dizzy Gillespie, with jazz music bringing a drastic change.           

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