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IQ-700- Meditation and Personal Experimentation

Aug 1, 2023

Lesson 3 – Meditation and Personal Experimentation Mindfulness

Lesson Objectives – In this lesson, students will learn about these key concepts and terms:

  • Power of Intention
  • The 1% Effect
  • Wide Spectrum of Effects of Meditation
  • Benefits and Immediate Results of Meditation Practice
  • Enlightenment

Assignments Due:

  • Discussion 4 – Discuss a personal experience, in your meditation or in life in general, regarding the 3rd eye – a phenomenon of feeling light or heat between the middle of the eyes. When did it occur and to what do you attribute it to? Describe and share, to your level of comfort.


Discussion 4: Meditation

This was undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences that can ever be experienced in an entire life.

I have been practicing meditation for quite a long time now and would like to share an experience of one such occasion. I got introduced to third–eye activation meditation techniques a few months ago by some random brainstorming session on the internet. And was keen to know more, about it. A few days later after gathering ample knowledge, I started practicing it through meditation (Ahluwalia, 2018, p.9075). For a few days, there were no such experiences but one day was different, unfortunately, it never got repeated.

Surprisingly when I started focusing and practicing the spiritual practices related to third eye activation, firstly the sensation was that the surrounding became much calmer than before, initially, I was in a heightened state of awareness where the mind was extremely volatile bringing unknown irritability, a state of anxiousness and anger. But, as I hold on to the practice and became much more aware of that moment, it started calming down slowly, it felt like the energy centers are getting activated, as I brought my focus completely on the pineal third eye, that state of awareness is unexplainable. I suppose the agya chakra or the third eye located in the middle of our eyebrows was activated where I could feel a tingling burning sensation, I tried staying in that moment for some time (Kamthekar & Iyer, 2021, p.5). As I came out of it, the after-effects were much more mesmerizing. I was in an absolute state of awareness, with complete focus and concentration. It was like I was deep breathing like never before and felt connected with the whole universe and there was no anger in me at all, a complete state of inner peace. According to me, it can be attributed to the brain waves connected to the third eye. It’s a physiological and spiritual amalgamation formed by the regular emission of alpha waves which in turn activates the gamma waves which are responsible for the third eye activation.


Ahluwalia, G. (2018). The Potential Role and Activation of Pineal Gland, Dr. Gurvinder Ahluwalia. Asian Journal of Science and Technology9(12), 9073-9078.

Kamthekar, S., & Iyer, B. (2021, June). Tratak Meditation As a CAM for Stress Management: An EEG Based Analysis. In 2021 International Conference on Intelligent Technologies (CONIT) (pp. 1-6). IEEE.

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