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IQ-700- Discussion 5: Quantum Physics through Consciousness and Meditation

Aug 1, 2023

Pro-Consciousness Meditation

Lesson 4 – Quantum Physics and the Fabric of Reality

Assignments Due:

  • Discussion 5 – Discuss how your understanding of quantum physics, consciousness, and meditation has changed your perception of the world.

Discussion 5 

In this universe, everything is in union with one another. Quantum physics, understanding of consciousness, and the true power of meditation are the different tools and pathways of understanding the ‘unknown’ entities of our self and the universe. The perception of our world is limited in the perception of ourselves, defining our narrow sense of awareness. The human being’s visual and hearing perception is limited, however, by the use of quantum consciousness and right intentions, these areas can be improved by experiencing the realms of expansive reality. For ages, the power of meditation is experienced in different spiritual groups, and they have proven to be the pathways to accumulating expansive reality experiences. Mindfulness meditation is linked to overall well-being and improved quality of life. It has neurological explanations where it is found to affect specific regions of the brain like the left hippocampus which is involved in cognitive mind activities. Meditation also is believed to increase alpha waves, which is related to intuition and wisdom.

 Quantum physics argues that the neural network system, consciousness obeys the rule of quantum mechanics.

Bruce Lipton in his book The Biology of Belief mentioned that thought has energies and our cell membranes are like microprocessors that can be trained according to beliefs. So the physical body with the smallest particle of electron and our thoughts and beliefs intercommunicate and through intentions and thoughts, human beings can eradicate the negative thoughts and programming at the cellular membranous level (Lin & Parikh, 2019, p.1).

As we start observing the universe minutely and understand the interrelationships between quantum consciousness and meditation, it is evident and firmly believable that the universe is not in separation, there is no subject-object differentiation in the reality of the inner and outer world. Human beings are the observer and the observed, the created and the creator at the same time (Laszlo et al. 2021, p.299). Henceforth, we can conclude as the intention and thoughts are volatile but when in a meditative state it initiates consciousness at its ultimate state in the union with the quantum state of our existence.


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Lin, J., & Parikh, R. (2019). CONNECTING MEDITATION, QUANTUM PHYSICS, AND CONSCIOUSNESS. Contemplative Pedagogies for Transformative Teaching, Learning, and Being, 1.

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