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MT450-01-Unit10 Discussion

Jul 27, 2023

    Unit 10 Discussion

    Introduction: There are a variety of communication platforms to reach customers. Some of the newer forms of communication include social media and mobile marketing. Also, micromodels are used to concentrate on a consumer’s specific responses to communications.

    Scenario: The UDesign Cookie Company (UDC) creates cookies made to order online for shipment anywhere in the world. Customers design their own cookies with either vanilla, chocolate, or chocolate chip cookie dough as a base. They then can add any of the more than 50 condiments, from various nuts to cinnamon chips to cranberries. The minimum order is two (2) dozen, and the price is $50. Shipping is free. So far, the company has been promoting its product via the Internet.

    Using table 19.1 on p. 561 of your text, choose five of the eight communication platforms provided and explain how you would help promote UDC business while keeping the costs low since they are a start-up company with limited resources.

    Which micromodel on p. 563 would be most relevant for a new pen product? Why?

    Unit 10 Discussion

    Use of communication platforms

    There are many kinds of communication platforms that are needed to be considered as a matter of focus. These are Nextiva, Slack, Guru, Confluence, and Zendesk. The reduction of the business expenses by UDesign Cookie Company (UDC) has to be the main concern. UDC has to provide proper business dynamics which moderate resources. There are different kinds of steps that are needed to be used by UDC for its maintenance of business dynamics in an equilibrium and sustainable way. The use of marketing communication is the kind of process through which strategic positioning can be derived. Through the use of marketing communication, a proper network among customers can be created. The evaluation of the macro model of communication is needed for improvising the business dynamics of an organization. The macro model of marketing communication is based on some elements. These elements are sender, encoding, message or media, decoding, receiver, notice, feedback, and response (Keller & Kotler, 2015, p.561). These elements can help the organization to have better marketing stability. The use of this communication platform can help the organization to reduce supply expenses, lowering production expenses, minimizing of financial expenses, and modernization of efforts, use efficient time management, use virtual technology, narrow focus, creation of space for flexibility, increment employee skills, and improvement of quality (, 2012). 

    Consumer response linear Micro model and new pen product

    UDC has to provide the product and service circulation based on the available resources and limited potential. For this purpose, UDC has to implement new kinds of micro models to make the product and services efficient. This micro model helps the organization to evaluate and classify the needs and equipment of the customers. This micro model can provide linear methodology in the business dynamics of improvisation. The use of balance services and facilities can be enhanced for the customers as well as for the organization. The micro model provides a specification of marketing communication. It is based on some elements. These are the cognitive stage, affective stage, behavior stage, AIDA model, hierarchy of effects model, innovation-adaptation model, and communication model (Keller & Kotler, 2015, p.563). The use of the micro model provides enhancements and these are awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction, and purchase. UDC has to make some marketing articulation for advertising purposes. The use of social media and other internet sites can be beneficial in this case. The organization needs to focus on the elements of micromodel. The micro model is based on some elements and these are higher production, material integrity, reduction of wastes, minimizing of expenses, etc (, 2017). The use of a micro model can help to analyze the factors which provide dynamism to the product circulation of UDC. UDC also needs to follow proper advertising methods which can be relinquished. The main focus is to make the customers knowledgeable and attracted. This can help to increase the profitability of the organization. 

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