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MT450-01-Unit 9 Discussion: Comparison of two social media sites

Jul 29, 2023

Topic: Comparing Social Media

As social media and online marketing, in general, have become predominant forces in product promotion, it is incumbent on all marketing professionals to be conversant in the pros and cons of various social media platforms. In this discussion, you have the opportunity to compare some of the most highly used social media platforms used today (, 2019).

  • Compare the two social media sites. Either WhatsApp and Snapchat or WeChat and Twitter. Which would be best suited to promote home products?
  • Explain your choice.
  • What are the pros and cons of using the site you chose? Is there another social media site that would be better suited? Describe the alternative site and the benefits of using it to promote home products.
  • How would your choice of social media sites for promotion change if you were promoting home services instead of products? Explain.

 Unit 9 Discussion: Comparison of two social media sites

The social media sites which should be compared are WhatsApp and Snapchat. WhatsApp and Snapchat have various similarities they both have a phone call facility and pictures and photo sharing are available on both social media sites. To promote the home product the best-suited site is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is considered to be the best used than Snapchat because in WhatsApp people have the phone number of that other person and can easily send photos and videos of the home product (Rozgonjuk et al. 2021, p.130). Whereas in Snapchat the photos which are received need to be saved first then they can be preserved otherwise after some time the photos get deleted. WhatsApp is used by all the person but Snapchat is not used by many people. The payment option is also available in WhatsApp which is not available in Snapchat. Though there are various similarities in both for selling the product the best site that should be used is WhatsApp as it will be considered as most helpful for promoting the home product. 

The pros of WhatsApp 

Firstly, WhatsApp is free to use and here the contact, which we have saved on the phone, will only be seen and the privacy of the person is maintained. 

Secondly, the main thing is that it is easy to use even the non-friendly gadget user can use it effectively. The video calling and voice calling features are available in the wats app which helps people to interact with each other from any place (Fondevila-Gascón, 2019, p.5).

Thirdly the message can be sent instantly to anywhere in the world and now the new option is available which is the payment method that people can send money through WhatsApp. 

The Cons of WhatsApp

Firstly, the message which comes in WhatsApp will not be get transferred to the normal inbox of mobile. 

Secondly, there is a risk that another person may read a personal message

Alternative Sites and Benefits:

The other social site which should be suited better to me is Facebook. Using Facebook has many advantages in the promotion of a home product I can add a post of the product which I am promoting and several people are there on Facebook can see the post. More people are available on Facebook than on WhatsApp and help in selling the product as various people can take an interest in the product and buy the product (Jabbar et al. 2021, p.640). There is also various group in which I can post the ad for the home product which will increase the selling of the product. 

Social media sites changes

Social media sites will change for promotion because here I am promoting home services instead of products. Here I am not providing the product but the service is provided by me and I will use the method where I can grab more customers here the payment issue will not take place because the customer will give the payment after the services and I can add the various videos of my services through which the people can see and analyze the service. The reviews, comments, and ratings provided by the customer will help them to decide whether to get the service or not. 


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