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MT450-01-Unit 9 Assignment

Jul 27, 2023

    Unit 9 Assignment



    Scenario and Checklist

    Read the scenario, access the survey data, and the template, and address the checklist items.

    Scenario: A spa-centered hotel chain International Waters, Inc. (IW) has been in business for two years now. Their mission is to provide a stress-free stay for guests where relaxation is a priority. They primarily are located on the east and west coasts of the U.S. as well as the west coast of Mexico, and all their properties contain water features and spas. IW especially caters to business customers and stressed-out adults who need time away to relax and recuperate. The problem that has surfaced from their analysis of the CSR database and various customer surveys is that they cannot seem to establish a long-term connection with their customers, so few customers return. The CEO wants to address the problem and has tasked the marketing director (your role) with providing a customer relationship management plan.

    Instructions: Analyze the scenario and the data provided to create your CRM plan to address the problems you identify in the template provided.

    Checklist: Create a CRM Plan addressing the following:

    • Write a synopsis of the problems.
    • State the SMART goals to resolve the problems.
    • Describe the alignment of mission to market and branding.
    • Outline training of staff.
    • Explain how you will create brand awareness.
    • Provide opportunities for product testing.
    • Identify customer touch points and explain how addressed.
    • Describe the promotion of IW to create brand loyalty.
    • Explain how you will create value for customers from their point of view.
    • Provide a follow-up and summary of your plan.

    Respond in 2-3 pages (minimum 600-800 words) in the template using current APA format and citation style.


    Unit 9 Assignment

    Synopsis of the Current Customer Management Problems:

    The customers are a fundamental part of the business dynamics of an organization. Without the customers, the productivity and profitability of an organization cannot be enhanced. In this composition, International Waters, Inc. (IW) is being used for marketing articulation. IW has been involved in the business dynamics for two years. This organization provides customer-oriented services. The facilities of this organization are to provide saps and water features. The issue that is being confronted by the CEO of IW is that the organization is having less simplicity in the management of customers. It has been decided to implement a framework based on CRM with efficient articulations. It has been based on irregularities in the circulation of databases and customer information. It has provided issues to the organization which is required to be mitigated for the enhancement of brand value and profitability.

    SMART Goals Addressing the Problems:

    The use of SMART goals provides the classification of the objectives that the organization needs to articulate. The use of SMART goals is needed to mitigate the issues based on customer satisfaction. It is required to be modulated with the use of technological modernity. In this case, IW has to formulate the SMART goals and these are as follows:

    • Specific: Maximization of customer services in a calendar year by 15%.
    • Measurable: Minimization of financial expenses by 10% in a calendar.
    • Achievable: Enhancement of CRM for organizational modernity.
    • Realistic: Improvement of customer support by 20%.
    • Timely: Within the period of the calendar year the CRM enhancement has to be implemented. 

    Alignment of Mission to Market/Branding:

    The mission of IW is to provide sophisticated services to customers. The needs of the customers are considered a matter of focus. Enhancing the modernized features and sophistication can help to provide relinquishment to the customers. IW needs to involve proper website and internet advertising to make the organizational mission the focus of the brand value. It can help the customers to have proper knowledge about the organization. 

    Outline of Training of Staff:

    The training is the essential need for the staff of the organization to have improvisation and dimensional performance. IW has to provide training to the staff to improve the customer service (Hua-an, 2011, p.7). The staff has to be knowledgeable about the needs of the customers. IW requires the staff linked with the utility of the CRM. It can help the organization have better business dynamics. 

    Awareness of Brand Created:

    The awareness of the brand created is the kind of essence through which product and facilities knowledge can be circulated among the customers with a dimension of efficiency. IW formulates awareness through the use of surveys. Through the use of sampling of customer survey responses, verified information can be derived which can be used in the marketing analysis. In this synopsis, the needs of the customers have to be provided with better priority. The customers need soundproof facilities in the services of IW. Some of the customers have requested to have restaurant cum hotel facilities with enhanced booking facilities (, 2021). Some of the customers have also demanded the need for sports as a part of recreation. There are some customers who are wanting better services for relinquishment. These all are the information derived from the customers through the use of surveys. Therefore, IW has to provide preferences for these survey results for the articulation of brand value. 

    Opportunity to Test brand:

    IW has to make some enhancements through which it can open its business units in developed nations like England, France, China, and Japan. It can help the organization to have better customer induction. The brand value of IW will be increased. It can also help to facilitate the demands of the international customers which is directly related to organizational profitability. 

    Customer Touch Points and How Addressed:

    The customer touchpoint is referred to as direct and indirect contact with the customers by the organization. IW has to make a website and social media communication with the existing customers and new customers. IW also needs to provide subscription offers to existing customers. The organization also needs to circulate physical documents to the customers. 

    Promotion of IW to Create Brand Loyalty:

    Brand loyalty can be created in a proper way when the input and output balance of the organization is instability. The increment of customer satisfaction by the organization can maximize the organizational brand value. IW requires to make reformulations and reformations based on the organizational model, resources, and expenses. The creation of effective brand loyalty can make the customers more trustworthy towards the organizations. 

    Creating Value for Customers (from their point of view):

    The creation of value for the customers is the kind of classification through which the needs of the customers are given as the major priority. IW has to provide classification based on the needs of the customers. IW has to make a classification of the products and services based on the economic level of the customers and these are upper class, middle class, and lower class (Daniels et al. 2020). Relinquishing all kinds of customers by IW can help to provide better value to the customers. 

    Follow-up and Summary of your Customer Relationship Management Plan: 

    As a CEO of IW, it can be considered that customers have to be considered as a matter of focus. The customers have to be provided with better relinquishment. The planning formulated by the CEO and other organizational members of IW is based on increasing the facilities which are accompanied by the survey results. Increment of the brand value by enhancing international marketing. Making classification of products and services that can provide better satisfaction to the customers. The technological modernity of IW has to be enhanced with the use of CRM. It can help to make proper recordings of the information of the customers. IW is also required to make an evaluation of the resources and potentials of the organization and through this, the customer demands can be relinquished. IW also needs to make proper use of efficiency and competencies. 

    References (2021) Sampling of Customer Survey Responses, Retrieved from: https://kapextmediassl [Retrieved on: 18 December, 2021]

    Hua-an, W. U. (2011). New Thoughts on the Coordination of Urban-rural Business and the Transformation and Upgrade of Business Circulation in China-Taking Chongqing as an Example. Journal of Guizhou University of Finance and Economics2.

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