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MT450-01- Unit 8 Essay-Sustainability in an Organization,

Jul 28, 2023

    Review chapter 8 in your textbook, ‘Performance Advantage of Sustainability’, What are your thoughts or reactions? In the 200/300 essay, describe how leaders develop assertiveness for sharing one’s own perspective and empathy to understand others’ perspectives concerning the organization’s socially responsible behaviors.

    Unit 8 Essay

    Sustainability is the kind of concept that provides the essence of conservation. It is important to consider sustainability and its relation to human beings. Human beings have to rely on sustainability to have better simplicity. Sustainability provides human beings with friendliness with nature. Through the use of minds, sustainability has its own perspective, it provides the business approach to make long-term value using consideration. It provides the organization to make its business dynamics get involved in the restoration of three factors and these are ecological, social, and economic. From this, it can be derived that sustainability has a proportional relation with nature. Sustainability is the kind of essence that provides human beings with ideas like compassion and conservation. Without the natural resources industry with proper potential and competencies cannot survive. Human beings are grossly dependent on natural products for the purpose of living, success, and happiness.

    In this knowledge articulation process, it has been provided that some European and American Intellectuals have provided some theories which provide human beings to have a proper balance with sustainability. The powerful personalities of the economic cosmos are thinking about their sustainability features which are linked with the human need for positive survival with compassion. Sustainability is regarded as the consideration of industrial resources according to the perspective of the organizational business dynamics.  It is essential to make a comment that with the essence of sustainability, nature can be maintained, balanced, and equated with its proportions (Spector, 2007, p.181). It can help human beings and other animals to have proper survival. It also provides human beings to conduct dynamic works which are needed for the scientific and philosophical progression.

    Inducing greening is the kind of knowledge that provides respect for conservation. Conservation is the saving of natural resources for the balance of the environment with human beings. The business dynamics of an organization must maintain the business dynamics with sustainability to make efficient business stability. Sustainability is the catalyst that provides satisfaction to all stakeholders and balances consumption metrics. Every industrial process is based on two things: consumption and production. Consumption is the use of energy, raw materials, techniques, and dynamism. Production is the circulation of human needs and unwanted wastes. The balance of sustainability based on the green conceptualization is the saving of nature and making nature free from over-usage and over-spoilage.


    Spector, B. (2007). Implementing organizational change: Theory and practice. Prentice Hall.

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