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MT450-01-Unit 8 Assignment

Jul 28, 2023

    Unit 8 Assignment



    Additional Requirements

    Choose one of the ASG products from one of the three product lines provided for the youth product line for ages 10 and up or children’s products for ages 5-9. Do some investigation as to the current marketing mix of the children’s or youth product line you chose using the CSR database information, and evaluate the 0 SETI ECE marketing mix as you ascertain it to be for the products. Make sure to address all the checklist items and requirements before submitting your response.


    Determine the existing marketing mix (i… the four P’s) for one children’s or youth product from the product line you chose.

    Evaluate the existing marketing mix for the chosen youth or children’s product. Is each of the 4 Ps what they should be, based on the CSR database information, pricelist, reading, and your research online?

    Should ASG consider geofencing for promotion and possibly partnerships for greater promotion and distribution of the chosen children’s or youth product you chose?

    Choose a brand’s product that directly competes with your chosen ASG youth or children’s product. How does the competition’s product 4 Ps compare?

    ASG is considering changing its distribution (Place) and channel strategy for the entire children’s or youth product line. Analyze the CSR database and determine what changes might be recommended based on your analysis.

    Support your contentions with the data provided, your Internet research, and your readings.

    In a minimum 500-word expository essay in APA format and citation style with additional title and reference pages, address the following checklist items and requirements.

    Unit 8 Assignment


    Marketing methodologies are a fundamental part of the business dynamics of an organization. Through this use, an organization increases its profitability and productivity. Adaptive Sports Global (ASG) Corporation is a multinational organization that provides sports-related products. ASG is now looking for product circulation for children who are from 5 to 9 years of age. I have considered that the classification of product line 3 can be essential. It is because this product line of ASG provides circulation of apparel. In this apparel circulation, the featuring products for children can be executed with proper success. It is also required to consider that making the children attached to ASG can help them to increase sports consciousness. 

    Use of 4ps based on the selected product

    The 4 Ps is the classification through which the forces and situations in the marketing methodology can be derived. It can help an organization to understand the input and output balance of its business dynamics. The 4ps are classified as below:

    • Product: 

      The simplification of the product that is going to be circulated by ASG is product line 3 (Apparel). Product line 3 (Apparel) is based on apparel. In this, part apparel for children will be considered. It can help to provide an increment of the brand value of ASG with a proper rate of success. 

    • Price:

       This is considered the basic factor which can make the customers satisfied or unsatisfied. ASG has to provide moderate prices as they are releasing new products in the market. It is essential for ASG to provide pricing of the children’s products with the sufficient price which can help the organization to have proper balance in their business dynamics (, 2021). 

    • Place:

       ASG has to target the developed nations. The organization is also required to target the global metropolitan cities to make children’s product circulation successful.

    • Promotion: 

      The use of advertising through various kinds of mediums like the internet and social media is an essential need for ASG to circulate the value of the children’s products to the customers. For this purpose, ASG has to provide proper information about their children’s products to the parents. It can help to provide better business sophistication. 

    Campaigning activities based on selected products

    The need for campaigning is vital for the organization to distribute knowledge about the products and services. In this criterion, the children’s products of ASG are being assumed. The campaigning activities require some components. These components are promotion, advertising, distribution, merchandising, and pricing. ASG has to incorporate these components according to its will and resources. ASG has to use different kinds of marketing campaign techniques. These are traditional media campaigns, seasonal push campaigns, product launch campaigns, brand awareness campaigns, rebranding campaigns, brand launch campaigns, and email marketing campaigns (, 2021). ASG has to use these techniques for the circulation of children’s products which is related to product line 3 (apparel). In this case, the ASG has to make an endorsement to the parent of the children for better fascination in the business dynamics. 

    Competitive evaluation

    I think for the acceleration in the business dynamics an organization needs to follow its competitors. Through the following, the knowledge can be derived and can be applied in the organization for success. I am considering one of the multinational organizations of the world which is Nike (, 2021). Nike and ASG both have similar kinds of products and features. Both organizations provide sports products and services. ASG’s new children’s product can provide some benefits to the organization. It can help to beat the competitive rivalry with Nike. 

    Recommendations based on the distribution

    ASG has to provide distribution of its children’s products with the use of proper examination of the different kinds of factors. ASG has to target families with website and social media marketing. Through this, children’s products can be circulated with better profitability. ASG also needs to provide offers and discounts to existing customers for the release of their children’s products. 


    The composition concludes that business dynamics require to be examined for the release of the new product. It needs evaluation and modulations through success can be relinquished. ASG has to increase its brand value through the reputation of its products and services which are classified in nature. 

    References (2021) Adaptive Sports Global (ASG) Corporation* , Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 16 December, 2021] (2021) 8 Types of Marketing Campaigns To Boost Business, Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 16 December, 2021] (2021) nike,  Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 16 December, 2021]

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