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MT450-01-Unit 7 Journal

Jul 26, 2023


    Product Attributes and Adaption to a New Market

    You will only post once in a minimum of 350 words to address the questions posed. You are not graded on any responses to classmates. You read about branding and product strategy. Now you will apply some of what you learned to address the product strategy, including the packaging (part of the product attributes) of the new warming gloves [with heat sensors that the ASG company wants to launch in its apparel line. You previously created part of a marketing research plan for this product. The results showed that this would probably be a successful product based on the results of your research and the tested prototype. Now your boss wants you to present your ideas regarding the following:

    1. What product strategy would you use based on the competition? Explain
    2. Describe the kind of packaging the gloves should have. What about the heat sensors? Remember this company’s branding, mission, and objectives
    3. If you were to enter the Indian market with this product, how would the product attributes and packaging need to change, and why?

    Unit 7 Journal

    Product Attributes and Adaption to a New Market

    Product strategy based on competition

    The product is the main profile through which outputs formulated by an organization are delivered to the customers. The product has to be enhanced through the use of specification and standardization. Through the use of specification and standardization, the attributes of the products will increase and it will provide benefit to the organization. Adaptive Sports Global (ASG) Corporation provides sports goods and products as their key essences. It also ensures environmental conservation. The formulation of the featuring hand gloves can help ASG to reduce competitive pressures. Through this, the brand value of the organization can be increased. 

    Products and organizational mission and objectives

    The product that is being released by ASG is automated sensor hand gloves. It can help the customers of ASG to have a taste of sophistication. ASG has to make proper circulation and promotions to make the new products more durable and eligible. The new products of ASG have a hint of environmental sustainability which is based on the organizational mission and objective because it is now considered electronic equipment, not a simple garment. The facilitation of electronic equipment in the new products helps to reduce waste and energy consumption (, 2021). The price and features of the new product of ASG are quite fascinating and it is benevolent. It can provide delight to the customers. 

    Evaluation in the Indian markets

    I think the circulation of the new product of ASG in the Indian markets requires the use of patience and methodologies. It is because India is a diverse nation. It has diverse geographic features. It is also diverse human beings living in unity. India has three dimensions of human beings. These are upper class, middle class, and lower class. The product of the ASG can be attracted upper-class human beings with better priority. It can help to provide sophistication. The middle-class human beings of India can get attracted but they do not have the financial value to use this new product. I also think that ASG has to conduct proper research and studies based on India, to make proper business dynamics. The existing products of ASG can be marketed in India with ease because India has many sports-loving human beings. The new product of ASG needs proper promotions and advertisements to make the human beings of India aware of the brand value of ASG. This new product can be successful in India. 

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