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MT450-01-Unit 7 Discussion:Environmental Consequences

Jul 26, 2023

    Unit 7 Discussion,

    Many companies are considering reducing the negative environmental impacts of conducting business. Some firms have changed manufacturing processes and the materials that go into them to be more environmentally friendly. When creating and enacting product strategies, what environmental issues must marketers address? Provide at least one specific example using the Purdue Global Library or the Internet. Do some research on Interface Global Inc. and discuss how you think this company has benefitted in its marketing by becoming more sustainable environmentally. Can they substantiate their claims? Explain.

    Environmental Consequences

    Issues involved by the marketers based on environmental conservation

    Environmental conservation is the modern concept that different kinds of organizations tend to use for the increment of their brand value, marketing prestige, and social responsibility. The main issues that the organization involves during the release of environmental-friendly products and services. It needs financial resources in a proactive way. It needs reformulation and reformation of organizational rules. It needs dynamic campaigning for the circulation of the facts and features of the products and services to the customers. 


    In this part of the composition, I am going to provide the example of a multinational organization and its name is Walmart. Walmart has executed financial re-modulations and changes in the organizational dynamics for the enhancement of environmental sustainability programs. One of the objectives of Walmart is to create zero waste. Another one is to enhance renewable energy resources. It is also followed by the circulation of food safety and it is also linked with the reduction of plastic usage (, 2021). Walmart has decided to reduce greenhouse elimination as a part of environmental sustainability. Walmart has incorporated environmental conservation plans in every dimension of its business dynamics. 

    Informative research on Interface Global Inc.

    Interface Global Inc. is a global organization that provides commercial flooring used on resilient flooring and carpet tiles. The organization has also circulated luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and Nora rubber flooring. Since the year of 1994, the organization is focusing on programs based on environmental sustainability. The organization has also provided a reduction of carbon usage in the products and facilities (, .2021). In the year of 2008, Interface Global Inc. has been reputed with The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development (Environmental Achievement). For this enhancement, the organization has used its financial expenses and resources in an intelligent way. Thus it has provided better inclusions. 

    References (2021) Making Green Waves: 10 Companies That Are Leading the Way in Sustainability, Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 16 December 2021] (2021) interface, Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 16 December 2021]

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