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MT450-01-Unit 6 Discussion-Brand mantra and ASG brand offers

Jul 26, 2023

    In the ASG simulation, you chose a product line. In this unit, you read about branding in Chapter 10.

    Topic: Brand Mantra

    Create a brand mantra (internal) that might address all that the ASG brand offers. Explain why your brand mantra would be well-suited to ASG based on the background information that you have. Now create a brand mantra for yourself. Explain your mantra.

    Brand Mantra

    Brand mantra and ASG brand offers

    The brand mantra is the kind of essence through which the objective of the organization can be persuaded. Through the use of a brand mantra, an organization provides the circulation of its products and services in a proper way. The use of a brand mantra helps to provide a linear way to the business dynamics of an organization. Adaptive Sports Global (ASG) has its motto to provide environmental enhancements as part of business dynamics. I think that the brand mantra of ASG would be based on “ASG is the protector of the earth”. It can be understood that ASG can inspire customers about the essence of environmental conservation. The company wants to make the customer aware of the need for environmental conservation. ASG offers three kinds of classified products. These classified products are formulated for sports-oriented individuals. ASG has to provide offers, discounts, and subscriptions through the parallel use of the brand mantra. The brand must work as the platform through which relinquishing circulations of the organization can be conducted.

    Evaluation of the brand mantra

    The brand mantra is the kind of business promotion that helps to improve the significance of the organization. It helps the organization to increase its brand value in a dimensional way. I consider that brand mantra has to be classified according to its nomenclature. The annotated brand mantra is inclined towards inspirational views. The inspiration that is circulated through the brand mantra of ASG is to provide the customers to increase their idealism. The use of idealism can help to increase consciousness. I think through the use of consciousness the human values for the environmental balance can be ensured.  These are single-focused messages, differentiation based on competition, enhancement of customer experience, consistent delivery, and customer feelings (, 2021). The use of the brand mantra can help ASG to ensure better productivity with a rate of good success.

    Brand mantra for self

    I have decided that I can use a similar strategy that ASG can use for the enhancement of the brand mantra. My own formulated brand mantra for my own organizational business dynamics is “Authentic athletic performance”. It can help to magnetize sports-oriented individuals who are potential customers. The brand mantra has to have campaigned as the advertising basis through which the customers can understand the view of the organizational business dynamics and it also helps to rely on value.

    Reference (2021) Adaptive Sports Global (ASG) Corporation*, Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 14 December, 2021]

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