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MT450-01-Unit 10 Assignment

Jul 27, 2023


    The company now wants to expand into services.
    Consumer Service: (1) They want to add an at-home service whereby a home ambiance consultant will visit the customer at home to help them adjust their home products and make other recommendations for improving the home environment.
    Business Service: (2) They also want to add office consultants who can improve the office ambiance to be more conducive to the client company’s goals, comfort, and productivity.
    • Choose business or consumer services from above.
    • Provide a synopsis of your research on the Internet regarding any competition.
    • Explain why they might want to add services to their business.
    • Using the marketing mix, provide the 4 Ps of this new consulting service for home or office, developing the particulars that make sense based on the scenario and the real world.
    • Describe how they might want to launch the chosen service and associate them with their branding. Respond in a minimum 600-word paper using the current APA format and citation style (see Unit 1 reading area for APA assistance) with additional titles and reference pages.

    Unit 10 Assignment

    Consumer service

    In this composition, I am going to provide an understanding of consumer service. It is based on improvising the home environment which provides easy life standardization. The name of the annotated organization is environmental gear. The providing organization has its own business classification through which the organization provides calm and pacific services and products to the customers. The organization is basically providing features that have a circulation of peace in human living. 

    Research-based on competition

    Environmental gear has to provide marketing research, it can help the organization to provide better circulation of products and services based on peace and mediation with better efficiency and advantage. For this purpose, the organization needs to follow other companies which provide similar kinds of products and services. One of the companies is WAVE. It provides diversified products based on musical subjects, peace enveloping, and harmonic interactions. It has reputed and proper brand value. Another company is HEADSPACE. It has a popular customer value and it also has proper international circulations it provides similar products and services. This company has proportionate brand circulation. Another company is CALM and it provides circulation of musical emphasis for peace and meditation. This company has a website feature that it uses for branding. Another company is MEYA and it provides electronic-based services to provide meditation and calmness. It provides musical variations as the form of medium. Another company is MOSHI and it provides soothing human consideration. The customers of this company are calm. Lastly, MEDITOPIA is the company that circulates meditations as the centralized theme of the product (, 2020). It has good technological diversification and international value. From this research, it can be concluded that Environmental gear needs to learn and implement. 

    Adding features

    Environmental Gear has a feature that provides an illustration of the light spectrum and circulation of musical harmonies in the products and services. It can be considered that this company can provide enhancement in the musical dimension of these services and products. It provides magnetizing the customer with a proper value of delight.

    Application of 4ps

    Environmental Gear is an organization that needs the application of 4ps for the purpose of product and service classification. The 4psw are as follows:

    Product: The consumer service is the most relinquishing of products and services for Environmental Gear. It provides better interactions with efficient customers.

    Place: Environmental Gear has to target the international metropolitan markets. It can provide sophisticated customers (, 2020).

    Price: The price provided by Environmental gear must be proportional to its value. The products and services have to be priced with proper classifications to make the business dynamics profitable.

    Promotion: The easiest way for Environmental Gear to increase advertising is through the use of social media. It can provide better enhancements. 

    Launching and branding

    Environmental Gear has to provide its launching and branding to make the customers satisfied. For this purpose, the organization needs to provide conduction of marketing research and studies. It can help the organization to have better brand value. Advertising is the need through which Environmental Gear can circulate its products and services information. Providing good features and customer-friendly options can be relinquished. Advertising has to be provided through the Internet and other forms of means. It can provide the organization with better proportions. Environmental gear needs to follow campaigning methodologies to circulate facts and features of products and services. The organization needs to make the customer aware of their benefits. It can help the organization to have an equilibrium value balance. Environmental Gear has to enforce new kinds of user-friendly features based on the recommendations of the customers. For this, the organization needs to know the demands and needs of the customers which provide parallel satisfaction.

    References (2020) The Marketing Mix and the 4Ps of Marketing, Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 29 December, 2021] (2020) 6 Brands Driving Innovation in the Booming Meditation Market, Retrieved from: [Retrieved on: 29 December, 2021]

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