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MT450-01-The Customer Relationship Management Plan

Jul 29, 2023

The Customer Relationship Management Plan

The following Course Outcomes are assessed in this assignment:

Create a Customer Relationship Management Plan.

Apply Critical thinking to formulate a logical solution to a problem.

Introduction: In the increasingly crowded global online marketplace, distinguishing one product from another helps the product become more competitive. One critical factor that distinguishes one brand from another is customer communications and customer relationships a company is able to build to promote and grow its brand. In this assignment, you will create a customer relationship management plan for a hotel chain.

Read the scenario, access the survey data, and the template, and address the checklist items.

Scenario: A spa-centered hotel chain International Waters, Inc. (IW) has been in business for two years now. Their mission is to provide a stress-free stay for guests where relaxation is a priority. They primarily are located on the east and west coasts of the U.S. as well as the west coast of Mexico, and all their properties contain water features and spas. IW especially caters to the business customer and stressed-out adults who need time away to relax and recuperate. The problem that has surfaced from their analysis of the CSR database and various customer surveys is that they cannot seem to establish a long-term connection with their customers, so few customers return. The CEO wants to address the problem and has tasked the marketing director (your role) with providing a customer relationship management plan.

Instructions: Analyze the scenario and the data provided to create your CRM plan to address the problems you identify in the template provided.

Checklist: Create a CRM Plan addressing the following:

  • Write a synopsis of the problems.
  • State the SMART goals to resolve the problems.
  • Describe the alignment of mission to market and branding.
  • Outline training of staff.
  • Explain how you will create brand awareness.
  • Provide opportunities for product testing.
  • Identify customer touch points and explain how addressed.
  • Describe the promotion of IW to create brand loyalty.
  • Explain how you will create value for customers from their point of view.
  • Provide a follow-up and summary of your plan.

Respond in 2–3 pages (minimum 600–800 words) in the template using current APA format and citation style.

IW Customer Relationship Management Plan

Synopsis of the Current Customer Management Problems:

International Waters, Inc. (IW) has a spa-oriented business and people come here to relax and to spend the same good time with their families away from their busy and stressful life. However, the majority of the customer was complaining that they were not satisfied with the service that they are getting from the company (Latham, 2020, p.12). Due to the unsatisfactory services the company is not able to build a good connection with the customer, as a result, the customer who takes the service once did not return another time and only a few customers return for taking the service again.

SMART Goals Addressing the Problems:

The SMART goal to resolve the problem are stated below-     

Specific– The goal should be specific and should help the company to target more customers. The particular goal should be made like the customer should be getting the discount in taking the services. To build long-term relations the customer should communicate with them and know their demands and preferences.

Measurable– The Company should measure that the customers are availing the services and see that whether the changes are taking place.

Achievable– The Company should see that the strategies which are made are achievable and more customers are availing of the services. The company must achieve loyalty toward itself.

Realistic– The goal should be realistic so that it can be achievable by improving the working condition.

Timely– International Waters, Inc. (IW) should see and measure the particular time taken to successfully comply with the work.

Alignment of Mission to Market/Branding:

It comprises the company’s values, beliefs, mission, and vision. The main mission of the company is to see that the customer is getting the proper attention and services. To secure the brand of the company one must take some important steps like analyzing the preference of customers and providing them attention so that a good brand image and reputation can be created in the market.

Outline of Training of Staff:

The staff must be properly trained so that the customer can be well satisfied with the services that they get. The staff should be trained and the work should be provided to them according to their knowledge so that they can provide better service to the customer (Ogbeiwi, 2021, p.330). Proper guidance, and training, should be given to the staff so that they can acknowledge the customer needs and demands properly.

Awareness of Brand Created:

Brand awareness is necessary for International Waters, Inc. as it will help to build a good reputation in the market. Brand awareness can be built if the company provides good services to the customer. Proper attention should be provided to the customer, communicate with the customer take their feedback, and try to improve accordingly and various methods should be taken for the advertisement of the company. So that more customers can know about the brand and the satisfied company will address the brand and recommend others as well.

Opportunity to Test brand:

The opportunity to test the brand will help the customer to know more about the brand and can know more about the quality of the product and help to understand that products are reliable. The brand test help to understand the customer whether they can trust the brand or not and by testing they can build their trust in the company and will use the services as well.

Customer Touch Points and How Addressed:

The customer touchpoints for the brands are the points to contact the customer. International Waters, Inc’s touchpoints are social media, advertisement, online business, ratings, reviews, and visit a website.

The touch point can address by making the booking of the customer for service through a call, or website booking. The ad should be given on social networking sites. A helps center should be available so that customer can post their query and get the solution promptly.

 Promotion of IW to Create Brand Loyalty:

The promotion of International Waters, Inc is one of the ways to create brand loyalty. The company promotion should be done through various modes so that the customer can know about the company and take the service (Bilgin, 2018, p.130). Good service to the customer will create a good reputation in the market and which will help the company in creating brand loyalty.

Creating Value for Customers (from their point of view):

To create value for the customer certain things need to be done and they are stated below-

Firstly provide good service to the customer so that they can take the services again and again.

Secondly, always take the customer feedback so that it can be helpful to understand the changes that need to be done.

Thirdly always prioritize the quality of service over the overprice because customers tend to come to the place which provides a good quality product

Fourthly maintain the customer privacy as the customer comes to relax and if they do not get such surroundings they will never turn back

Follow-up and Summary of your Customer Relationship Management Plan:

 International Waters, Inc should always follow up with their customer and their experience in the company as it will create a positive impact on the customer that the company is taking them priority and they will take the service again (Kaur et al. 2020, p.16). The plan is made so that the company can make improvements in its service.


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