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MT 450-01-Discussion: Comparing Social Media

Jul 27, 2023

    Unit 9 Discussion

    Topic: Comparing Social Media

    As social media and online marketing, in general, have become predominant forces in product promotion, it is incumbent on all marketing professionals to be conversant in the pros and cons of various social media platforms. In this discussion, you have the opportunity to compare some of the most highly used social media platforms used today (, 2019).

    • Compare the two social media sites. Either WhatsApp and Snapchat or WeChat and Twitter. Which would be best suited to promote home products?
    • Explain your choice.
    • What are the pros and cons of using the site you chose? Is there another social media site that would be better suited? Describe the alternative site and the benefits of using it to promote home products.
    • How would your choice of social media sites for promotion change if you were promoting home services instead of products? Explain.


    Discussion: Comparing Social Media

    Comparison of social media sites

    This articulation of the two social media sites is going to be used. These are Twitter and Snapchat. The character limit of Twitter is 280 and it is used for blogging and writing. On the contrary, Snapchat provides ineffective circulation of videos and pictures. The number of users on Twitter is 69 million and Snapchat is 10 billion (, 2021). The two social media sites have classified features. Twitter is literature-oriented. Snapchat is graphic-oriented. 


    I consider that the use of Snapchat is efficient in nature. It can help to provide better promotion of home products. The use of video provides a fascinating attraction to the customers. 

    Advantages and disadvantages based on product circulation

    Snapchat provides better benefits than Twitter. Does Snapchat have better user circulation than Twitter? Both are prominent social media sites. Both sites have integration options. Does Snapchat have better image circulation than Twitter? In some cases, both social media sites provide issues in file uploading. Both social media sites provide issues based on information. In my opinion, the promotion of home products can be efficient if the use of Snapchat is utilized (, 2021). The images on Snapchat have the power to attract customers. 

    Promotion of home services or products

    The promotion of home services or products needs the use of images and information in a parallel way. The use of Snapchat is superior in this case. It can provide better uploading of attractive images with brief forms of information. This can be used as an efficient campaigning dynamic through which the customers can be relinquished. It is also beneficial for organizations to have better equilibrium. Home services rely on the information. Home products rely on images. Human beings have the potential to image attraction and it can be used as intelligence in a generous way. 

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