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BUSI 745- Discussion on promotion

Aug 8, 2023

Discussion: Promotion

Topic: Promotion

For this discussion, you will research peer-reviewed journal articles on one of the 4Ps – Promotion. Keyword search terms might include the following: Personal selling, advertising, public relations, and sales promotion (contests, coupons, and more…). Once you have selected your peer-reviewed journal articles, post a synopsis of the major points from the research you read.

For each of your replies, comment on the student’s articles that they used. Why would that be an article that you would want to read more on?

Discussion on promotion


The marketing mix is considered as the tools which the company uses to promote its product or brands. The marketing mix consists of 4Ps which are Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. In the case of promotion, it can be said that it is an essential tool of the marketing mix. Promotion is the method through which awareness is created for a particular product or brand.


Promotion can be defined as the method which refers to the promotion of the product or the brand by using different mediums among the target customer to drive sales. In the promotion tools, the involvement of both the buyers and the sellers is required. Kumar & Patra, (2021, p.4) stated that promotion also helps to increase the reputation of the organization in the market and helps to increase sales.

They are five main aspects of the promotional mix and they are stated below-

Advertising- Advertising is considered one of the more essential forms of promotion of the brand or the product. Advertising is the paid form of non-personal presentation. Advertisement is one of the mediums to reach the consumer and promote ideas and services. With the help of the advertisement, mass promotion can take place. In many companies, the major part of the promotion budget is kept for the advertisement. Kumar & Patra, (2021, p.4) stated that the advertisement is an important channel for the promotion of the product, and in today’s world, the advertisement is an important medium to target the customer. The advertisement can be done through various channels like television, radio, magazine, newspaper, or through any outdoor means.

Personal selling-According to the viewpoint of Lee, Sridhar & Palmatier (2017, p.172) personal selling is one of the oldest forms which is used for the promotion of the product and services and is commonly used to increase the sales of the product. In personal selling face to face, communication takes place between the buyer and the sellers. It involves personal communication with the customer related to the product or services. Genchev & Todorova (2017, p.3)  said that personal selling’s main advantage is that it helps to directly interact with the customer and know their preference related to the product and can easily turn the buyers’ minds and persuade the buyers to purchase the product. This is mainly the two ways process where the communication gap did not take place.

Public relations- Public relation refers to the communication with the people with whom the organization has contact. Public relation is the internal part of the promotional activity. In public relation, the company not only maintain a coordinated relationship with the customer, supplier, or middleman but with the public also because it is the channel through which the publicity of the organization can take place. Publicity through this channel can be done at a low cost through the use of the newspaper or magazine. The medium of public relations is the marketing campaign, sponsorship, or by doing any special event.

Sales promotion–   Sales promotion is one of the tools through which the promotion activity is done for the product or the brand. The sales promotion is the immediate boot to the short-term sales. It boosts the customer to purchase the product by persuading the customer through different means. It is different from the advertisement or direct selling as in this case the discount, coupon, contest, free services, and gifts are the mediums to increase or to persuade the customer the purchase the product which ultimately boots the short sales. Genchev & Todorova (2017, p.3) stated that it is one of the important and effective mediums to reach the ultimate customer and persuade them to know about the product by providing them with certain concessions.

Direct marketingDirect marketing involves marketing directly to the person. In these marketing tools, companies intend to communicate with the potential customer personally through email, telephone, marketing, broachers or promotional letters, etc. According to the viewpoint of Valens et al. (2020, p.5), it is one of the cost-effective ways to reach the potential customer. Here there is no involvement of the third part take place it is one to one communication process between the organization and the consumer. It is different from personal selling as in this case the medium or the channel is used to communicate directly.


It can be concluded that the promotion of the organization can be done through various possible ways. Promotion is a necessary part of the organization it can be said that it is the part that helps in the survival of the company. The customer comes to know about the company through the promotion that they see or get to know about the company. The promotion can be done through a different medium and the organization chooses the more efficient medium and cost-friendly to them.


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