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WMBA – 6000-Discussion on leadership skill

Jul 26, 2023

    To prepare for this Discussion:

    Identify a person from your professional career (past or present) whom you consider to be a great leader.

    Consider the following for your selected leader.

    What has this individual accomplished in their career as a leader?

    In what ways was this individual’s leadership effective?

    What level of emotional intelligence does/did this leader exhibit, if any?

    Does/Did this leader demonstrate inclusiveness in their leadership style? Are person’s purpose and passion in their leadership?

    Discussion on leadership skill

    Personal leadership

    In my professional career, I have met one person in my office whom I consider to be one of the great leaders on the professional front. The individual has accomplished various things in their career as a leader. As the leader, the person has achieved respect from the teams as well as built a good reputation in the company. In his carrier also he has opted for a good position in the office and into a reputable post. 

    Individual leadership is quite effective in various possible ways. The person has made good and effective communication with the teams and included their decision in each direction and motivate their teammate to perform better (Xie et al. 2018, p.260 ). He is considered to live by strong values that guide their decisions and behaviors.  It can be said that he knows what is termed right and wrong in the organization and always being honest on the professional front. 

    Emotional intelligence in leadership is comprised of empathy, social skills, self-awareness, self-regulation, and motivation. The person consists of empathy towards others and self-awareness and motivation emotional intelligence is there.  He knows that motivation is the process through which the productivity of the company can be increased. He is compressed by the empathy and motivation which is built in him.

                Yes, this leader demonstrates inclusiveness in their leadership style. It can be said that it is able to see this person’s purpose and passion in their leadership. He has purpose and passion in his leadership style and this can be seen in his leadership quality (Syakur, et al., 2020, p.1327). As it is seen that the passion is there in the person to motivate others and build good relations among each other and respect other mutual decisions in the company. His passion for the leadership style and managing the team with great efficiency have been rewarded in the company. He is considered to be one the most respectful person for his leadership quality and his passion for the work. 


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