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ORGL 4690- Week 2 Discussion: Ethical Principles

Aug 11, 2023


Review the readings/materials in Module 2 and the Notes on Ethical Decision Making.

For this discussion, research the ethical guidelines or standards related to your career or specialization (either online or from your previous coursework). Cite references appropriately. Your initial post must be 150 – 200 words.

Week 2 Discussion: Ethical Principles

The ethical principle which is related to my career are stated below-

Firstly the main ethical principle which is related to my career is maintaining confidentiality (Ahlin Marceta, 2021, p.176). The confidentially of the company should be maintained and help in career-building also working in any of the organizations the first thing which I should maintain is the confidentiality part of the company.

Secondly, the other ethical principle is related to respect toward colleagues and other team members of the company. Equal respect is to be provided to each team member whether they are working under me or above me. This shows my character of mine toward others.

Thirdly honey is an important ethical principle that should be there. Honesty is an important factor in the organization and all the communication and action honesty should be there.

Fourthly law-abiding is one of the ethical principles which should be maintained in the organization. All the work should be done by abiding by all the rules and regulations of the organization (Kral, 2018, p.150). In my carrier abiding by the rules of the company play an important role.

Fifthly fairness should be there in the commitment and should be fair in dealing with others. One should not take undue advantage of any other mistakes.


Ahlin Marceta, J. (2021). Respect the author: a research ethical principle for readers. Journal of Academic Ethics19(2), 175-185.  

Kral, M. (2018). Community participation as an ethical principle for research. International Review of Qualitative Research11(2), 148-157. 

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