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ORGL 4690- Module 4 Discussion: Promotions

Aug 16, 2023

Module 4 Discussion: Promotions (required, graded)


You’ll enjoy reading Hill, Linda. 2007. Becoming the Boss. HBR. Hill offers valuable takeaways for new managers. Describe your experience as a new boss, new manager – or new employee. (Was it similar/dissimilar to Hill’s article?) Connect Hill’s observations to Kegan & Lahey’s three-phase theory. Your initial post should be 150 – 200 words.

Module 4 Discussion: Promotions

My experience as the new boss is similar to Hill’s article. Becoming the boss means a journey of continuous work and self-development. As the boss, I experience that there was a lot of pressure built up from the lower as well as the upper management. As the boss, I had to look after all the work in detail because a small mistake can affect the organization a lot (Derrick, 2019, p.5). There are lots of expectations that the employees had toward their boss and sometimes it was challenging to meet each one expectation. Though a high position is achieved by me as the boss of the organization my responsibilities have also been increased with that position.

The similarity which takes place with Hill’s article is “being a manager was not a boss but the hostage” because the same thing happened to me as I had to take full responsibility for everything from upper management to lower management (Hill, 2007, p.12). From building a relationship with others to approving the final project and solving the problem of the employees. All things depend on the boss and sometimes it felt like a hostage in my organization where I only had to work and solve the problem of the organization.


Derrick, K. S. (2019). Becoming the boss: Using Schlossberg’s transition theory to explore new supervisors’ transition to supervisory roles at a federal government agency. Northeastern University. 

Hill, L. A. (2007). Becoming the boss. Harvard business review85(1), 48. 

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