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ORG 6900-Unit VII Discussion: Strategies for the organizational change management

Jul 27, 2023

    Unit VII Discussion Board Question
    Concerning your Unit VIII Final Project in general terms, share two strategies that could be deployed in order to create respect and psychological safety during one of the steps in the change process that you are proposing in your final project. Begin by stating the overall need for change, and general plan steps, and then itemize the step wherein these strategies (to create respect and psychological safety) will be deployed in your plan.

    Unit VII Discussion Board

    Strategies for the creation of respect and psychological safety in the organizational change management

    Change management is a vital need of the organization. Through the use of change management, the organization conducts equilibrium in the business dynamics. The use of change management provides the organization to modulate innovation. It is essential for the creation of respect and physiological safety for all the stakeholders of the organization during the change management. It provides the cosmos of satisfaction and relinquishment. One of the strategies is to make the stakeholders of the organization believe in the purpose of change management. It can help to provide circulation of respect on both ends. It can provide the organization to make changes based on the needs and aspirations. Another strategy that can be used for the enhancement of the psychological safety of the stakeholders of the organization is to implement reinforcement systems (Spector, 2013, p.7). Through This strategy, the mindset of the stakeholders involved in the change management will have a better understanding and it helps to resolve all the queries. It can help to provide better cohesion which improves the business dynamics of the organization. 

    Application of these strategies in the plan

    The mentioned strategies have to be implemented through the induction of skills improvement of the stakeholders of the organization. Change management in the organization requires renovation of the skills and competencies. It provides the improvement of motivation and confidence. It provides education on business flaws. The first step is to use the blueprint. Then it is followed by the conduction of processes. It is then followed by the scheduling of work. It provides dynamic stability to the organization. It would make the change management innovative in nature. I think that change management has to be implied in a collaborative way. It can help to increase efficiency. It will also help to make the stakeholders of the organization satisfied with the change management. 


    Spector, B. (2013). Implementing organizational change: Theory into practice. (3rd ed.). Pearson.

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