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ORG 6900-Unit VI Case Study-Leading Complex Change

Jul 26, 2023

    Unit VI Case Study

    Read the case study on pages 147-148, “Making the Problem Worse,” and write a unique 300-400-word position paper explaining strategies for gathering interpersonal data during the change process. Which change implementation theories would have helped the administrators at Springfield General Hospital in the case study? Develop and explain at least two strategies for gathering interpersonal data through the change process by asking questions, listening, and observing. Use section headers to clearly mark the sub-topics and strategies you select to explain in your paper. Cite ideas from Chapter 6 and/or the required reading articles for this unit.

    Leading Complex Change

    Unit VI Case Study

    Need of change in the organization for positive articulation

    I consider that the use of the change process in organizational business dynamics is a need for improvisation. This improvisation has to be examined and regulated in a proper way so that the flaws in the change management can be ensured. The change management needs to follow a proper organizational structure based on reformulation or reformation. The use of a good organizational structure provides many positive results. These are the increment of productivity, lowering of employee turnover, technology, and expansion. 

    Data and change management

    In the change process, the use of interpersonal data is a matter of consideration. As it can help to provide economic balance in the organizational business dynamics. The use of interpersonal data provides verification and standardization of the stakeholder’s values. 

    Use of theory 

    Through the use of my own conceptualization, I have understood the efficient use of Kurt Lewin’s model for the change dynamics of Springfield General Hospital is needed. The utilized process of Kurt Lewin’s model is the organizational need for improvisation (Spector, 2013, p.7). Through the linking of interpersonal data, the use of observing, listening, and questioning is important.

    Use of strategies

    I consider that change management has to be induced with two kinds of strategies. One of the strategies is the use of proper research and studies. It can help formulate proper decisions which can be used for the organizational progression effectively. The other kind of strategy is the formulation of efficient planning. Through the use of planning the resources needed in change management can be articulated. 

    Summarization based on knowledge

    I think that change management is the need of an organization which is a matter of consideration. Change management has to be used for the up-gradation process and can help amplify brand prestige. Through the amplification of brand prestige, an organization can increase the value of its business dynamics. The use of intellectual models is not a concerning matter. Using any model with proper regulations and methodologies can help provide better feedback. It can help to provide possibilities for the financial increment of the organization. Through this, the organization can resume the interpersonal data for the welfare of the stakeholders. The use of proper vigilance is an organizational need that is needed to be executed by the employees. Change management is an enhancing matter that needs virtue as the dynamic medium for circulation. It provides the organization to have a uniform delight and which is needed for relinquishment. 


    Spector, B. (2013). Implementing organizational change: Theory into practice. (3rd ed.). Pearson. ISBN 13: 978-0-13-272984-0



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