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ORDV 5600- Week 8: Inclusion as a Business Strategy

Aug 31, 2023

Week 8: Inclusion as a Business Strategy

Evaluate the approach outlined in Chapter 20 on “Inclusion as a transformational diversity and business strategy.” What resonates with you? What is missing? How could you use the GDEIB to evaluate or create a DEI strategy?

Week 8- Inclusion as Business Strategy

The inclusion shall take a nice place to focus on one’s conscious effort or the sum of work, based on an individual related to found an organization. Therefore, with the influence of Michel Wheeler, pointed some good facts based on summarizing ‘Inclusion’. This author has his influence, who states about the definition and understanding which is well established to learn about inclusion which is exactly denoted about the primary facts like tactics, the expected outcomes, metrics, and many more. Moreover, this can be discovered from the ideas of Wheeler that organizations are required to establish a method in order to educate its employees while creating a healthy and safe working experiencetotheir inclusive of the environment. Apparently, with the ideas from Wheeler’s book, we can identify the do’s and don’ts at work while here, the author actually tries to focus on the various experiences with relevant outcomes that act like a role as well as responsibilities to develop a building with the help of the result-oriented strategy (Miethlich & Oldenburg, 2019).

Moreover, Chapter 2 mostly indicates the make key observation related to the field based on the diversity and inclusion, as it provides a professional recommendation in the field of diversity as well as in the case of inclusion which led to focus on the various experiences with relevant outcomes act like a benchmark with all the key practices as it is focused in this particular chapter to overcome the barrier to do progress. Apart from this based on the D&I components which are fully based on the business culture ethics daily behaviors, interactions as well and a mindset these days the company accompanies to follows an audit related to the values to seek and understand the operationalized methods to innovate the personal system with proper leadership, to seek the leadership with value of GBEIB to value “drive the strategy”, with specifically impact the business impact and the business accountability. Thus this fully makes a transformation with the Wheeler ideas which takes the definition about enhancing motivation, morale, and performance for the people to remain in the organization to make a measurement to avail with success and opportunities (Aragon & Kim, 2021). Taking up the cross-disciplinary measurout approach with higher rates based on the opinion to assure the responses to after about the challenges based on ideas creativity and innovation as stated by Wheeler. GBEIB 2021 mainly demonstrates the organization based on diverse leadership and diverse teams to develop a homogenous leadership and homogenous teams. Moreover, it strengthens cross-disciplined teams up organizations.


Aragon, A., & Kim, S. S. (2021). Drivers and Barriers of Diversity and Inclusion in Business: Interviews with Nine Field Experts. DU Undergraduate Research Journal Archive, 2(1), 5.

Miethlich, B., & Oldenburg, A. G. (2019). Social inclusion drives business sales: A literature review on the case of the employment of persons with disabilities. In 33rd International Business Information Management Association Conference (IBIMA), Education Excellence and Innovation Management through Vision 2020, Granada, Spain, 10-11.04. 2019 (pp. 6253-6267). King of Prussia, PA: IBIMA Publishing. 

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