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ORDV 5600- Week 7- Large-Scale Change Methodologies applied to community DEI challenges

Aug 31, 2023

Week 7: Large Scale Change Methodologies Applied to community DEI Challenges a¥

This week’s reading deals with bringing together diverse communities to solve big problems beyond organization walls. In addition to the approaches discussed in the text, also search for similar examples of large-scale change methodologies (e.g. Appreciative Inquiry, Future Search, Open Space Technology) being applied to seemingly intractable problems, which application yields the most surprisingly positive and sustained outcomes. Describe the situation, and the outcomes and explain why the success surprised you. What societal problem would YOU like to apply a similar process to solving? Describe how you would go about this.

Week 7- Large-Scale Change Methodologies applied to community DEI challenges

Framing out the challenges based on the large scale methodologies which are often routinely applied to the work culture. This sets forth the career based on the Great Resignation forms which is merely intensified to get hold of the DEI issues. Moreover, the ideologies of increasing diversity taking place within the workplace mainly relate to the demanding aspects to resolute with the demanding company. A few years ago, this can be considered in the case of diversity, equity, and inclusion based on the International Civil society that collaborated with the energetic discussion to popularize the changes to bring into the large scale organizations which nowadays can be applied to the DEI community as well. Thus, in case of According to Avery et al. (2022), DEI practices, which often include “no manels”, merely ledges to a vow to participate  “all-male”, with the conference panels, with a discussion that appointed the women along with the people based on their color to the Board of Directors, as well as the organizational strategies to reach out the goals to promote about marginalizing a particular person to get a position of leadership.  

Thus, with various analysis, and understandings, the growth of the evidence, mainly indicates to the Civil Society to make a Superficial approachanalyses to make certain improvements. Thus, with a proper intention, the civil society emerges with the models of DEI which is no different than the people who are actually marginalized. Thus, in the case of large-scale methodologies that can be applied to DEI concerns given globally, no other country shall experience the renewed racial division taking place in the United States suffered over the last few years, which can reach the problems that lack diversity, inclusivity and lastly it is the equity which is evident with the operations taking place in the organization on a worldwide. While related to the marginalized identity with a homogenous “checkbox” to reduce inequality over marginalization to increase the representation of the underrepresenting differences that impact on the collaboration. Thus, DEI initiatives range to be more symbolic, because this acts as a symbol of a systematic order that increases the diverse workforce to meet the demand. Thus, this acts like making a vital improvement based on Diversity, equity, and inclusion, to build the company’s culture. This has helped also society to improve the key performances that involve an entire team. Apart from this, Gordon & Fierros, (2022), have also integrated the DEI that involved fair hiring with equal pay. Thus, this eventually ensures the Feedback of the team members so that the DEI employees shall bring benefit to the employees. 

Thus, its application made me about the title DEI which has helped the other communities to get work on their establishment, while this helped them to get a position within the society as well as good employment. While previously the employees were often discriminated against solely on their racial or gender barrier. While incorporating the DEI challenges wondered very much because this has helped me to gather information on how the large-scale organization can bring forth the changes to mitigate the various challenges.   


Avery, D. R., Perry, J. L., Randel, A., Shanklin, B., & Shore, L. (2022). Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Going Beyond Traditional Views of DEI in the Workplace. In Academy of Management Proceedings (Vol. 2022, No. 1, p. 15540). Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510: Academy of Management.

Gordon, S. F., & Fierros, E. G. (2022). Combatting Exclusionary Language Practices in Science Publishing: A DEI Concern. Science Editor, 45(3), 84-85.   

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