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ORDV 5600- Week 6: Comparing an Organization’s D&I Journey to Your Own

Sep 1, 2023

Week 6: Comparing an Organization’s D&I Journey to Your Own 33.

Which aspects of the diversity journey at Weyerhaeuser can you relate to the D&I journey at your organization?

Which aspects of the diversity journey within higher education can you relate to your personal experience with higher education institutions?

Week 6: Comparing an Organization’s D&I Journey to Your Own     

There are several aspects of the diversity journey at Weyerhaeuser that are relatable to the D&I journey at the organization, where I am currently employed with. One of the most essential aspects that are active in both organizations is leadership effectiveness. Leadership effectiveness encourages clear expectations for leaders. It also encourages leaders to set particular metrics and give a proper definition of concepts like inclusive leadership behavior. The leaders to inculcate more diversity and inclusion, decided to focus on certain patterns of behavior listed by employees that hamper the intent of diversity and inclusion. Leaders need to hold concern in all parts of the organization and must meet regarding up-to-date expertise by tower regarding the various organizations accountable for their actions and provide them with a goal that they need to accomplish. In both, the organizations’ chief leaders themselves went through an assessment with respect to their personal behavior and their success in the categories of diversity and inclusion (Ferdman and Deane, 2014, p.437). As a result of these assessments, the leaders themselves began their attempts to remedy any kind of drawback. There was also an increase in communication from the leaders that was facilitated. As a part of this enhanced communication topics like diversity and inclusion were included as essential parts of the management agenda. Similar to Weyerhaeuser, my organization also imparted a lot of attention to Diversity governance and accountability. In this area, it is necessary for all parts of the organization to meet the compliance and regulatory demands of the company. This area also makes it mandatory for the various elements of the organization to undergo mandatory training in regard to things like harassment prevention and inclusion. As done in the Weyerhaeuser, robust action plans are formulated and revisited annually for the purpose of audit. Online resources are used to provide lessons against harassment. This aids in providing the employees with expertise that is up-to-date and in accordance with recent times. Organizations always attempt to be active in their relationship with the human resource, in order to make sure that nobody in the employee force is feeling disrespected. All these patterns of behavior are similar in my organization and Weyerhaeuser.

There are several familiar aspects present in the Diversity journey showcased in Chapter 16. One of those familiar aspects is the presence of an inclusive curriculum. In my experience in educational institutes for higher education, I have noticed that the presence of a curriculum that showcases the history of a variety of people helps in the aspects of both diversity and inclusion (Ferdman and Deane, 2014, p.453). In the educational institutes attended by me, there was also the presence of diversity officers. Such employees were directly answerable to the principal or authoritative figures. Their job was to make sure that the students in the organization are subjected to as much diversity and inclusion as possible. They also have to make sure that the learning experience is wholesome and healthy for every student on the campus. As mentioned in the chapter there is a lack of disconnection that I have observed between the students and people in authoritarian positions. Oftentimes their decision-making in regard to diversity is not fruitful because they themselves do not understand the magnitude and impact of it.


Ferdman, Bernardo M., and Barbara Deane. “Diversity at work: The practice of inclusion.” (2014).

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