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ORDV 5600- Organizational Analysis

Aug 31, 2023

Apply the GDEIB analysis process employed in the team case study assignment to your organization. If you are currently not working, evaluate your last organization, Webster University, or an organization you would like to target for employment. 

While the former GDIB is featured within chapter 14 in the required text

Full analysis of strengths and areas for improvement. Grading criteria are noted below:

  • Start with an introduction to the organization and its mission, products, service, and customers (10 points)      
  • Clearly use four sections of the GDEIB for headings in your paper. Address all areas noted within each of the components. Thoughtful reflection and analysis is required, incorporating all course content and additional references to support your opinions as appropriate. A simple yes or no response to any GDEIB component is unacceptable. Similarly, comments such as “I don’t typically have access to the information to answer this question” or simply, “I don’t know” are not acceptable. Your job is to understand the organization, viewed through the lens of major course concepts, at a level needed to complete the assignment. (15 points for each section for a total of 60 points)
  • Finish with recommendations for improving the organization’s diversity and inclusion capacity based on relevant course content and your own professional experience. Include recommendations on how to successfully lead and sustain organizationalar change. (30 points)Apply the GDEIB analysis process employed in the team case study assignment to your organization. If you are currently not working, evaluate your last organization, Webster University, or an organization you would like to target for employment. 

Organizational Analysis


Webster University is a private university operating in America. It has branches in several countries like Africa, Asia, and Europe. The institution mainly offers graduate programs in various streams like management, business education, teacher education, fine arts, liberal arts as well as performing arts. 2021 saw the Webster University welcoming 6,741 students. The mission aimed by Webster University is to provide a high-quality education experience in order to transform students in such a manner that they can acquire global citizenship along with individual excellence. The institution ensures that the students in the establishment belong to diverse backgrounds. The reason the institution focuses so much on the elements of inclusion and diversity is because the University believes that a variety of opinions and perspectives will help in enhancing creativity, decision-making, and appreciation in the institution.


Global Diversity           

Global essentially refers to the fact that the benchmark of GDEIB can be applied to organizations regardless of where they have their operating base (The Centre for Global Inclusion, 2021, p.4). The term Global refers to the nature of the company. In accordance with the conventions of this Benchmark, its purview is not limited to multinational companies and is not dependent on any specific location or culture.           

Diversity refers to the similarities and differences that exist between the various components of the organization (The Centre for Global Inclusion, 2021, p.4). These similarities and differences are categorized as Diversity Dimensions. Diversity should be present in aspects like race, gender, culture, disability, and geography but should also be expansive.           

In terms of Vision, Strategy, and Impact Webster University functions at Level 5. The reasoning behind this is present in its vision which aims to make the students studying in their institution truly Global. To do that they incorporate the strategy of having diverse thoughts and views so that their creativity is not hindered by predisposed opinions. As a result of incorporating these ideals, Webster University boasts of a student body that comprises 49% of students who are BIPOC. Webster University is not only focused on attaining a particular Goal but wants to move beyond that. To do that they attempt to facilitate dialogue and discussion between the different groups, in which people of distinct backgrounds offer both their thought and inquiry. Through their principles, the institution aims to create an environment that promotes respectful interaction between the groups of various people. The institution’s vision, values, policies, and practices reflect it. In terms of Leadership and accountability as well the Global Diversity of the institution is at Level 5. The leaders are devoted to making this institution truly Global and have strict measures in place to ensure that if people feel ostracized because of their identities then, people are properly reprimanded. There are Diversity networks and committees available that aid the institution in operating properly. As a part of the initiative, there is always a Diversity and Inclusion panel, that takes place to make people feel more comfortable in regards to talking about their experience. Through these and various other initiatives, the institute promotes both diversity and inclusion. Hence, even in terms of DEI Structure and Implementation, the University functions at Level 5. The various events also inspire collaborative success. In the category of Recruitment as well the University functions at Level 4 for Global Diversity. Webster University always attempts to recruit employees from diverse backgrounds. At present 53% of the employees at Webster University are women while 47% are men. There is racial diversity as well but there are no employees who identify as Gender Neutral. Global Diversity is an ongoing process and cannot be definite. Therefore every organization needs to attempt to be diverse, as the world progresses and people identify themselves in new ways. In the category of Advancement and Retention, Webster University functions at Level 5. This is essentially because due to its diversity principles, the University is successful in retaining its employees. This is mainly because of the environment the university has been successful in generating. In the sixth category of Job Design, Classification, and compensation the University functions at Level 5. How the various posts of the University are designed in such a way that it depends on the talent and work ethic of a person. There is no bias that functions on the classification of various jobs and compensation provided for them. There has never been any cases that have arisen because of such issues. There is a healthy competition where certain goals are provided, and the accomplishment of those goals practice works in deciding the compensation or matters of promotion. Webster University is proactive in terms of the Seventh category which involves elements like Work-life, Integration and Flexibility. The Worklife in the institution allows for diverse thoughts to coexist without any form of discrimination. The views of various groups are integrated. The benefits provided in the University are by the conventions of the country and are not innovative but is functional.           

The elements of Category 8 are also fulfilled satisfactorily by the institution. The institution is progressive in regard to assessment, Research, and measurement bias functions. There are proper measures in place to track the progress of factors like Diversity in the institution. Though the foremost priority of these measures is not Diversity, the aim is to provide world-class education. Though the initiative of Diversity is a priority, and efforts are directed toward it. The next category is communication. In terms of this category also the institution operated in Level 5. This is because the institution is highly active in terms of communicating the institution’s initiative and intention of diversity. The institution’s image and message make it clear that it has no tolerance for aspects like discrimination in any shape or form. The institution’s image in mainstream media associates it as an organization that transforms its citizen’s identity to global through the aid of aspects like varied backgrounds. In the category of learning and development, the institution is exemplary and operates at Level 5. The various learning materials provided by the institution involve the views and respect the feelings of various groups. None of the learning materials disrespectfocus the sentiments of any group. The learning processes are impactful and make sure that the person interacting with the reading materials garners wholesomeness by various ideals. The institute is also efficient in the next category of connecting Diversity with sustainability. How the aim of Diversity has progressed in the institution has been completely sustainable. In terms of performance, Webster University has always been exemplary. At the same time, they have always focussed on being diverse in their student and employee body. How the policies have been formulated and managed the growth that has occurred can be sustained. There are no policies that cannot stand the test of time. The policies do not attack any group or benefits, and therefore will never attract any opposition. Therefore in this category, the institution functions at a benchmark of Level 5.           

The institution has a great community, Government, and philanthropic relationships. The institution always attempts to create programs that enrich the community in the best way possible. The aim of the institution always matches the positive policies of diversity proposed by the government. In this category, the institution works and functions at Level 4 because it does not have enough outreach programs. Outreach program helps to reach to underprivileged groups who do not have the resources required to have the same footing as others. The services provided by the institution in terms of courses are not as diverse. Some subjects focuto on management and arts, but there is no focus on any subjects of science. Therefore, diversity in that aspect is missing. Therefore the institution functions at Level 3. The institution has been successful in integrating diversity initiatives into its marketing strategies, emphasizing the fact that it has an employee base with diverse backgrounds. It aids in attracting people with diverse backgrounds in be admitted to such institutions. Therefore in this category, it functions at Level 5. The institute is also responsible in terms of its sourcing. The learning materials offered by the institute attempt to represent people from all backgrounds so that the students gain a wholesome understanding that is as diverse as possible.


Intersectionality essentially refers to the existence of multiple identities in a particular individual (The Centre for Global Inclusion, p.4). This term showcases that humans can identify as many elements and should not be restricted to a particular identity. A disabled person could also be gay. To be successful at this aspect it is necessary to understand and incorporate the various identities respectfully in the functioning of an organization.           

In terms of Category 1, which focuses on Vision, Strategy, and Impact, the organization functions in Level 5. As far as intersectionality is concerned the institution through its vision encourages its students to explore all aspects of their identity without any judgment and complete freedom. In the following category of leadership and accountability as well the institution functions at Level 5 in terms of intersectionality. The leaders in the institution aim to encourage students to fully explore and represent the various aspects of their identity. There is a structure in place at the institution, which makes sure that there are elements in place that ensures, that every student is able to express their identities in a secure environment. The institution has employment policies that are open to people with all kinds of backgrounds practice work life, aids ensure, and its practices are publicized in such a manner that people of every background are encouraged to join the institution. Therefore in the category of Recruitment the institution functions at Level 5. The employee and student base of the institution boasts a huge amount of diversity in various factors. There are members of all races and genders that are present. Most of these employees choose to work long-term with the company, therefore the institution also has good retention. In terms of compensation, no form of discrimination is, practicedensure, amongst the various people employed in the institution. There have never been any complaints that have been proven about unfair promotions or compensation, and those that have been brought up are judged seriously. In the category of Work-life, integration, and flexibility the institution operates at Level four. This is mainly because there are people of several backgrounds who still do not find the proper space required in the work-life, and henceforth are not integrated adequatelyMeasurementFour. People of Asian background oftentimes do not find their culture properly presented in the events of the institution.           

In the category dealing with assessment, Measure, and Research the university works at Level 3. This is mainly because even though proper research is implemented when it comes to racial and gender identities, there is a lack of research that is visible for dealing with intersectional identities. There are a lot of measures that are present for the problems faced by Black individuals, but not so much for Black transgenders. In the category of communication as well as in terms of intersectionality, the institution works at Level 3. There is a lot of conversation regarding racial, gender, and cultural diversity, but when it comes to the intersectionality of various identities, there are not enough discussions that have taken place in the organization. By the learning and development category, the organization works at level 5. The institute ensures that there is apt learning material available that aids people to bring acceptance in the institute about all the identities. Intersectionality and sustainability in the institute is working at Level 3 mainly because many intersectional identities are, not represented in the organization. Though there are various policies which aim at bringing the progress. In terms of the relationship between the community and government, the institute works at Level 3, because various initiatives have, been put into the community to increase representation in the student body. There is still an absence of various intersectional identities. The services and products of the institute do not keep in mind the aspect of intersectionality, and hence the institute in this category functions at level 3. The customer service provided by the institution is extremely inclusive and attempts to serve the needs of all the groups, therefore it functions at Level 5. The institute is also extremely responsible in sourcing, and teaching materials that are respectful and inclusive. Therefore in this category, it functions at Level 5.

Equity and Inclusion           

Inclusion refers to a state where the opinions and views of every group are respected and accounted for (The Centre for Global Inclusion, 2021, p.5). There needs to be a fair and healthy environment where people feel inspired to perform. Equity refers to a situation where everyone is treated in a just manner. It refers to a creation of a situation where all the factors and policies reinforcing unfair outcomes for individuals are removed.           

The strategy of the Institution focuses on creating an environment that emphasizes on creating an environment that encourages people to perform to the best of their abilities (The Centre for Global Inclusion, 2021, p.4). One of the primary features of the strategy is to ensure that there are no practices that hinder the performance of any individual. In this way, both inclusion and equity are maintained. Hence, the company function at Level 5 in this category. The leaders also aid in providing inclusive principles and policies. They are extremely supportive of various ways in which diverse people can present their views and opinions. They also show a lot of accountability in terms of providing justice, and equal treatment to people of various backgrounds in the organization. Therefore in this category the organization functions at Level 5. There are bodies in place to ensure that people can show more participation and garner equal treatment. Hence, in the category of DEI structure and implementation as well the organization functions at Level 5. There is an increased attempt to recruit, people in executive functions who have diverse backgroundsfunctionsthe, so that people feel protected and included when it comes to decision-making. In this category, the company functions at Level 5. There are several sponsorship programs is a place which aid people who are not from a privileged background to continue in the institution in a just and fair manner. Hence, in this category also the company functions at Level 5. The jobs are also designed in such a way that help is provided to people who have an absence of resources. Therefore, the organization in this category also functions at Level 5.           

People employed in the organization are trained properly to include people of different ethnicities, in the discussion forums. Therefore in terms of Work-life, there is a certain equality that functions. Hence, in this category also the company functions at Level 5. There is also constant research done by the various bodies to ensure equality amongst the various elements. There is also an active attempt to include everyone in the organization. The institution always ensures that there is active communication, which helps people to communicate any instance of inequality and also organizes things that help inclusivity. Hence, in this category also the company functions at Level 5. The institute always attempts to develop so that the environment is inclusive and equal for everyone. Therefore in this category, the organization ensures Best Practice.           

The inclusive and equity practices are apt and sustainable. Though they are unfortunately do not take into account many backgrounds existing in American society. Therefore its sustainability is questionable. Though there is an attempt through research to update these policies, in this category the organization functions at Level 4. Through its philanthropic activities, the institution attempts to bring more viewpoints in the executive functions to increase the functioning of equality in the organization. Therefore in this category also the company functions at level 4 since it has still not been able to inculcate views of certain groups. The services provided by the organization ensure that nobody feels ostracized or left out, and also include everybody’s opinions. Therefore in this category, the company functions at level 5. The sources and customer service provided by the organization is equal and equitable in all aspects and consider everybody’s opinions. Therefore, in this category also the company functions at Level 5.


The Webster University has shown exemplary performance when it comes to factors like Diversity, inclusion, and equity. Though there are still various groups of the society that are underrepresented like Transgenders and Gender Neutral individuals. In order to incorporate people of these sections it is extremely important that proper messaging of the various features associated with the organization is done. If people understand that the institution is a safe place for everyone, there would be more participation and involvement of people from varied backgrounds. Therefore, the institution must makeT its stance clear through mainstream media.


The Centre for Global Inclusion. (2021). GDEIB : The Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Benchmarks : What We Do : Retrieved October 18, 2022, from 

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