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ORDV 5000- Week 9 Discussion: Ten Years from Now

Aug 10, 2023

Week 9 Discussion: Ten Years from Now

Ten Years from now, what do you predict will be some significant changes in the world of consulting, specially, in the areas of change management and/or OD?

Week 9 Discussion: Ten Years from Now

There are certain changes that take place after ten years and these are listed below-

Change in the latest technology- Ten years from now the major changes which we can see are related to technology. The changes we can see are that the sapped of the technology will be increased, the higher flexibility can be seen and a more updated version of the technology can be seen in the coming year (Dziallas & Blind, 2019, p.5). After ten years from now, the major changes which can be seen is that the work will be done faster and with more accuracy rate.

Evolution of leadership- With the change in the work and the workplace the change in the leadership style will also take place. It can be said that after ten years the leadership style will also change. The changes which can take place are like a decrease in age-based seniorities. As of now the person with the knowledge and experience can act as the leader but after years the leadership ages should not matter for acting. The other changes which might take place are the importance of growing relationships in building employee engagement can take place. This will help to understand the employees and can work in a free environment.

Creativity, collaboration, and communication- Communication can be done more freely, the major creativity can take place in the work as creativity help to add new features to the product. Major collaboration can take place with other companies so that growth can take place.

Innovation- Though innovation is taking place in the environment but after ten years the major innovation can take place in all the fields of work whether its management or in the employment agreement (Sandar, Min & Win, 2019, p.2019). Innovation helps in the proper management in the organization and will help to increase the workflow in the organization.


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