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ORDV 5000- Week 7: A higher state of engagement and less resistance

Aug 3, 2023

Week 7: A higher state of engagement and less resistance
What are things you and your client can do to improve status and certainty? autonomy, relatedness, and/or fairness in your initiative therefore leading to a higher state of
engagement and less resistance?

Discussion 1: A higher state of engagement and less resistance

There are several things that can be done to improve status, certainty, autonomy, relatedness, and fairness in the initiative which leads to a higher state of engagement and less resistance are listed below-
Communicate with others- The important initiative which should be taken to reduce the resistance and improve the status is to communicate with others. Communication is an important initiative that helps to understand each other better and leads to growth in the business as well.                                                                                                
Hire the right person- The person who is hired in the company should be right for the particular position because if the person does not know the work then it leads to more resistance in the work. 
Create a transparent promotion procedure- The transparent work should be there in the company. The promotion should be given according to the person’s talent and should not favor anyone (Juanamasta et al. 2019, p.2004). This helps to create trust between the workers in the company 
Learn from mistakes- For higher engagement in the company, the people should learn from their previous mistakes and try to rectify them. Learning from the mistake helps to acknowledge what changes should be made in the company for growth.
Take responsibility for the work- The head of the group should take responsibility for the group and their work. Taking responsibility helps to know the progress of the work and take part in the same. It helps to build the trust of the employees in the company that they are being guided and motivated in the work which helps them to do their best in the work. 
Promote group activity- The group activity should always be promoted as it helps to understand each other better and mutual understanding will be created between the employees. It helps to work together in the project and get to interact more for the project and new ideas can be incorporated in the work. 
Focus on building a good relationship with the staff, employees, and other members at work- Building a good relationship with the employees and the staff helps to create confidence in their work. Building good relationships helps them to create trust in the company the company thinks of them and involves them in the decision-making process (Balconi & Fronda, 2020, p.5). It motivates them to work more efficiently in the company and with more dedication to work. 


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