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ORDV 5000- Week 3 Discussion: Discussion on change leader journal

Aug 21, 2023

Weekly journal entries/assignments are due at three points during the semester; weekly journal entries are up-to-date. Your entries MUST highlight concepts, models, and/or theories you’ve learned and how you can apply these to your organization. That is, you MUST demonstrate an understanding of these as well as the application of them in the real world. Make sure you cite your sources within the body of your journal entries and provide a reference section. Additionally, include aspects of your personal growth as a change leader: e.g., philosophical shifts, new approaches you’ve tried at your organization, peer consultation/feedback with fellow students with examples of how this has impacted your thinking/behavior. Please refer to your texts, additional readings, and your own experiences to guide you.

Week 3 Discussion

In week 3 I came to know about Haldeman & Henke-Cilenti’s theory and find out about the personal abyss which everyone has that is losing power in the organization. According to the post, it refers that people are always afraid to lose their power and they did not want to share or retire from their position as they are afraid that on losing their power they will not be considered an important part of the organization. Then the post is related to the impasses which recently took place in the organization. Due to the impasses, the proper decision did not take place and conflict arises in the organization. Then it provides a brief discussion about whether my organization is prepared for the impasses and what the organization should do if such a difficult situation takes place. It further added that employees of the organization would face a hard time in the organization due to the impasses.  

This module describes the impact which takes place on the organization due to the personal abyss and impasse (Leazer& Montoya, 2020, p.369). It can be further added that the company has to follow some rules and strategies to overcome the difficult situation because every organization has to face this type of difficulty and if they are already prepared then fewer problems will take place. 

Learned from the concept and theories

The concept and the theory of this module are related to the Haldeman & Henke-Cilenti theory which discusses the personal abyss and the difficulties which the organization has to face. This theory helps me to understand that the organization should be more focused on the proper decision making and this helps me to understand that the organization is run like this only and but we should always make sure to reduce conflict by applying the proper rules and regulations. 


Leazer, G. H., & Montoya, R. (2020). The politics of knowledge organization: introduction to the special issue. KO KNOWLEDGE ORGANIZATION47(5), 367-371. 

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