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ORDV 5000- Week 2 Discussion: Discussion on change leader journal

Aug 21, 2023

Weekly journal entries/assignments are due at three points during the semester; weekly journal entries are up-to-date. Your entries MUST highlight concepts, models, and/or theories you’ve learned and how you can apply these to your organization. That is, you MUST demonstrate an understanding of these as well as the application of them in the real world. Make sure you cite your sources within the body of your journal entries and provide a reference section. Additionally, include aspects of your personal growth as a change leader: e.g., philosophical shifts, new approaches you’ve tried at your organization, peer consultation/feedback with fellow students with examples of how this has impacted your thinking/behavior. Please refer to your texts, additional readings, and your own experiences to guide you.

Week 2 Discussion

In week 2 of the discussion, we learned about the metaphor which is related to the organization. The metaphor which I have provided and suited to the organization is “Organization as machine”. I believe that organization is the machine because according to me the place of one person is replaced by the other person like the machine is replaced when it is of no use. I consider that the people in the organization work like a machine without any interruption and have no personal life of their own. In the post, I have also explained why this metaphor is accurate for the organization with proper explanation (Habeeb & Kazeem, 2018, p.10). Further, the post discusses the organizational problem which takes place as no one agrees on the same topic and everyone has their own opinion and viewpoints which result in the confit in the organization. Every employee is too busy to think about what is good for them rather than the team or the organization., 

Then the paper focuses on the Myers Briggs, Type Indicator, the DISC personality test, and my value exercise. In the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Disc personality test. The test has to be given and the option has to be chosen according to my opinion from the personality test result will be provided. This test reflects the behavior and I have to acknowledge which one is the best. Then the test helped to find out whether I was aware of the effect of my behavior related to others or in the completion of the task (Aytaç & Basol, 2018, p.292). In the value exercise, I have to choose 5 things from the options which according to me the highest priority for me and provide the reason for the same. 

Learned from the concept and theories

The concept and the theory related to the Myers Briggs, Type Indicator, the DISC personality test, and my value exercise help me to understand my personality and will help in the organization’s development as my stronger ability will help to deal with the difficult situation which takes place in the organization.


Aytaç, S., & Basol, O. (2018, August). The mediating role of loneliness and organizational conflict between work overload and turnover intention. In Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (pp. 291-301). Springer, Cham.  

Habeeb, M. O. Y., & Kazeem, A. O. (2018). Organization conflict and industrial harmony: A synthesis of the literature. Organization10(11).

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