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ORDV 5000- Week 1: Ready for Anything – Chapter 1 Questions

Aug 17, 2023

Week 1: Ready for Anything – Chapter 1 Questions

Answer the following questions and submit them in a WORD document. Make sure you proofread your paper. List each question along with. Your specific answer to each question is FULL for maximum points. That means at least a page long. See Rubric 4, as a guide.

  1. Question: What do Haldeman & Henke Cilenti mean when they say “the hero stands in the middle of organizational complexity, neither tied to the past nor over-invested in a desired future?”
  2. Question: Do you believe people in organizations play games? Is it possible for the individual manager not to play games? How?
  3. Question: What is cognitive dissonance? How does it explain people’s commitment to their organizations? Do these comments apply to you? Your co-workers?
  4. Question: Why do many of us sometimes feel locked in by our commitments and not free to be our authentic selves?
  5. Question: Do you ever wish you were just where you are right now, doing what you are doing – or not doing – content to be alive, not preoccupied with finishing up something from the past, not planning or implementing the next project? Do you ever get to this state? Does it influence the rest of your day?

Week 1: Ready for Anything – Chapter 1 Questions

Answer 1

I believe that Haldeman means that the person who faces organizational issues will always head first and not look back to the consequences. Here Haldeman wants to say that the hero always stands with the organization during difficult situations without thinking of the future or the complexity which has taken place in the organization. The hero is admired by their coworker for their work and gets lots of respect from them. Haldeman believes that the hero always stands with the organization during its difficult situation without thinking about the past or the future. The only thing they believe in is to bring out the organization from the difficult situation. 

Answer 2

Yes, I believe that the people in the organization play a game. It can be said that various games are played in the organization like getting a promotion by listening to the boss or criticizing others to get the promotion. The games are played in the organization so that the people can get what they want in the organization with a promotion or a hike in salary (Harmon-Jones, 2019, p.5). People in the organization believe that if they do not play the game then they will not get success in their career.

According to me, it is not possible for the individual manager not to play games. As the manager has to perform various roles in the organization and because they always tried to bring all the employees on the same page they play the game to achieve the goal of the organization. The manager must play the game in the organization otherwise the target of the organization will not meet. The organization is spending the resources in the organization and even if the company is not running properly then the company will downfall. Therefore, for this reason, the company runs properly without any problems the manager plays the game.

Answer 3

Cognitive dissonance can be described as the mental discomfort that results from holding conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. It takes place when two cognitions are discomfort with each other or incompatible with each other. It explains people’s commitment to their organization by showing how people become satisfied and compatible in an organization even if they are unhappy. The commitment of the people in the organization is shown by the way they are committed to their work even though they have a difference in their opinion and belief or are incompatible with each other (Curley et al. 2021, p.1295). I believe that Haldeman’s comments apply to me as there was a time when I do not actively seek things and do the necessary changes which were required to do in the organization. According to me, I should have implemented the necessary changes in the organization before only. According to me, I can say that coworkers have fallen into this category. 

Answer 4

According to my perception, I see that many people are locked in their commitment and there are several reasons for that. Firstly the external situation and the loyalty toward the organizations led people to lock in their commitment. Secondly, various people invest their time in the organization things will get better. Thirdly due to the internal fear to express ourselves or because we are afraid of consequences we often get locked in our commitment. Fourthly people believe that they should always be committed toward their commitment to attain the goal or to get achievement in life and this internal fear make the people their slave. Fifthly people are more focused on their career and they do not want to ruin it by any medium so they committed to the commitment they made and did not realize that they become their slaves. 

Answer 5

Yes, I felt that state that way and accepted the conditions. I am present without any concern about the past or the future but rather than focusing on by current. According to me, all people daydream about the perfect scenario for life but it does not influence my day because I understand that it is not reality (Al Marrar & Allevato, 2022, p.118). I believe that I should first finish my present work and then should be focused on my future. 


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