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ORDV 5000- Week 1 Discussion: Discussion on Change Leader Journal

Aug 21, 2023

Weekly journal entries/assignments are due at three points during the semester; weekly journal entries are up-to-date. Your entries MUST highlight concepts, models, and/or theories you’ve learned and how you can apply these to your organization. That is, you MUST demonstrate an understanding of these as well as the application of them in the real world. Make sure you cite your sources within the body of your journal entries and provide a reference section. Additionally, include aspects of your personal growth as a change leader: e.g., philosophical shifts, new approaches you’ve tried at your organization, peer consultation/feedback with fellow students with examples of how this has impacted your thinking/behavior. Please refer to your texts, additional readings, and your own experiences to guide you.

Week 1 Discussion

The paper is related to organizational issues and the hero who stands with the organization during the organization issue. Here the discussion is done according to Haldeman and their belief that heroes always stand with the organization in difficult situations and try their best to solve the problem. The post looks at the other matter of the organization which is the gameplay that takes place in the organization. Here the paper mainly focuses on the matter where several games are played in the organization by the employees to gain attention and promotion in the company (Mikkelsen & Clegg, 2018, p.190). Then the discussion shifted to the other part where it discuss Cognitive dissonance and how it affects the people and the organization. It mainly discusses the issue which takes place due to Cognitive dissonance. Then the paper focuses on how many of us sometimes feel that we are locked in the commitment and there are several reasons which were discussed for the same (Mazariego et al. 2021, p.1746). It provided the reasons why people feel so and sometimes become their slaves due to the commitment that they make to the work. Now the discussion shift to where we are right now or what we do. It focuses on the present and past work which we have done. 

Now the discussion shifts back to the two vulnerabilities which I have and face in the organization and improvement should be done on that. The two vulnerabilities I have is one to open up about anything and trusting other people and the things I should do to improve them. There are several options provided related to how to improve my vulnerabilities. 

Learned from the concept and theories

The concept and theories I have learned this week are related to the vulnerabilities, Haldeman & Henke Cilenti’s theories, cognitive dissonance, my experiences in the organization, and issues related to the organization. I will apply all the theories in the organization by focusing on the matter and trying to solve the difficulties which the organization is facing. The Haldeman & Henke Cilenti theories related to the organization issue and to improve I will make sure that I will always stand with the organization and the employees of the organization during the difficult situation and will try to overcome the problem. 


Mazariego, C. G., LaidsaarPowell, R., Smith, D. P., & Juraskova, I. (2021). Avoiding the survivorship abyss’: Qualitative insights from 15year prostate cancer survivors. PsychoOncology30(10), 1745-1755.  

Mikkelsen, E. N., & Clegg, S. (2018). Unpacking the meaning of conflict in organizational conflict research. Negotiation and Conflict Management Research11(3), 185-203.  

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