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ORDV 5000- Week 1: Course Project – Client Organization

Aug 16, 2023

Week 1: Course Project – Client Organization

Select an issue/challenge or opportunity you have first-hand experience with to work on in your imagination over the next 9 weeks.

Reading the first three chapters in the textbook Roth Well, Practicing Organization Development and the Introduction and Chapter One in the Haldeman & Henke Cilent textbook will help set the stage for your better understanding of this project. In essence, you will become an (imagined) change agent within your organization and will work on a real-life change issue. Some of you may already occupy a change leader position or might be able to start changing your focus to make real change.

To recap: For Week 1, the paper/assignment is to identify your ‘client. This bullet list is just a guide (write in essay format please), but specifically, you will: Identify the type of client (work team, unit, department, division, etc)

Describe the client organization, that is, what they do, who do they serve, etc.

Where do they fit within the larger organization’s operating/competitive environment?

Describe how they are organized/structured: hierarchy, members’ roles/types of jobs, population.

Identify their OD issue (change problem or challenge)

Discuss their history of change and their readiness for change. What feeds into this, what features can explain their relationship with change?

What consulting process and or stages will you apply and use to map this project and what actions/thinking will take place at each stage of the process you have selected?

Discussion on the client organization


There are various challenges or opportunities which an individual experiences in his organization. Likewise, I have also experienced challenges with the work in the organization. The organization’s main operation is to deliver the products or the parcel to the ultimate consumer. It is the courier service company that courier the product within the country. It is one of the reputed companies due to its good services within the country. 

The department of the organization

The company where I had my first experience as an employee was a reputed company and the client of this company is situated within the country as the company itself operated within the country. The total number of people in the company is more than 200 who look after all the detail of the company and make the company run effectively. The company is divided into several departments and each department has its own specific role. The organization has various departments and there are various divisions of that (Khan, Ahmed & Ubaid, 2020, p.2). The department like the accounts department, courier department, sales department, and customer query department. 

Client organization

It is the courier service organization that couriers the product to the ultimate customer within the country. In this organization, many people look after every detail of the work and services. This organization provides services to the people to receive their products within the provided time limit. The company provides the services to the customer and apart from that company has the tie-up with various other brands within the country who take the courier services from this organization.

Size of the organization.

The organization mainly fits in the competitive environment. As it is a courier service organization so, there are also other courier service companies to compete (Fernández-Portillo et al. 2022, p.10). The company survives in the market because to be in the market the competitiveness should be there in the organization and that is there in the company. For survival in the market, the organization should take the work as the challenges and competitiveness should be there. As it is a big company so the competition level of the company also increases because other companies in the market can take the place easily.

Organization structure

In the organization, the total number of people is more than 200 who look after every detail of the company. All the jobs in the organization are assigned to the employees according to their expertise in their work (Gulc, 2021, p.5). The company is mainly divided into two department’s internal and external departments. The internal department looks after the internal factors and the external department looks after the external department of the company. Within the external and internal there are also subdivisions in the external department the subdivisions are like accounts department, storehouse department, management department, customer helpline department whereas in the external department there are logistics department, service department, transport department, etc. All the work is assigned according to each department and which are done by them. 

Organizational development issue

There are various organizational development issues in the organization and some of them are listed below-

Lack of direction– One of the major issues which take place within the organization is the lack of direction. It is majorly seen that the employees were not provided the direction or the path that what things need to be more emphasized and which factors need to be more prominent. 

Teamwork– The other challenge that the organization face is teamwork. It is majorly seen that there is a lack of teamwork within the organization and due to this major conflict rises within the organization. 

Innovation process– The innovation in the process of the work is lacking behind and it is the cause that the various other competitors are taking the market. The company needs to emphasize innovative ways for the service so that it can grab the attention of more customers (Zhang et al. 2022, p.6). 

Delivery of product in time and without damage– The other challenges which the company mainly faces are the late delivery time and the proper delivery of the product because there are certain queries raised by the customer that their product did not get delivered in time or they were damaged. 

History of changes

According to the history of the changes, it is seen that the organization did not change its working condition and is not ready to adopt new innovative ideas. Organization believe in their technique and follows their old rules and regulation in their work (Krynke, Mielczarek & Kiriliuk, 2021, p.10). The company is not ready to adopt new technology or new ideas to attract more customers by making deliveries of the product more easily ad promptly. The company believes that they are following the old rules and regulations and the company is doing well so no need to add any new things as they disturb the productivity of the company. The feature which can explain their relationship with change is the communication feature. Communication is the best way to understand others and implement changes accordingly

Consulting process

The consulting process and the stages which I will apply is the problem-solving consultation. Problem-solving consultation is an important aspect of this organization because there is the various problem that arises in the organization that the company did not solve like problem-related to late delivers of product, the product is not in good condition, etc  (Abd Wahab et al. 2021, p.18). 

The stages of problem-solving stages are listed below-

Problem identification– The first step is to identify the problem and what problem takes place in the organization and which should be priories first. 

Problem analysis– The second stage is to analyze the problem that how big is the problem and what things to be done to reduce the problem. 

Treatment implementation– The implementation of the solution to be done. The solution which was identified needs to be implied.

Treatment evaluation– The last stage is to evaluate whether the problem is solved properly or if there are certainly more changes that are required to be done. 


It can be concluded that though the courier company is a big and reputed company but with the change in time the company needs to adopt the changes and bring out the latest ways and processes to work. The organization need to be more focused on their work and should adopt the latest technology and process to attract more customer in this competitive market. 


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