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ORDV 5000-Week 1: Competency for success as a consultant

Jul 31, 2023

Week 1: Competency for success as a consultant

In your opinion, what is the #1 most important competency for success as an internal consultant or external consultant (chose one consulting role)? Do you believe the top competency should be the same focus regardless of how/where you practice?


Most important consultant

One of the most important competencies for success as an external consultant is respect and discipline. In the consultancy, the major important thing which is mainly required is a good bond and maintaining good relationships among each other. It can be said that if the person is more connected with each other then it will help to increase their value and knowledge in the consultancy program. It is considered to be good for the external consultant because if the person respects the other person and maintains discipline then the other person will take the help when necessary and will maintain discipline in their work also.

The top competency should not be the same regardless of where one practices because it is seen that different environments need different consultancy characteristics from different employees of the organization (Du et al. 2021, p.10). It can be said that each consultancy requires a different type of environment in the work. In the Internal consultant, the person requires to be carefree from the relationships because if the person here tries to befriend here then he will not perform the work best. Here the work is to be focused on the own work and while working all the relation should be kept aside. In the external consultant, it can be said that friendship here is a much-required thing because it will help the person to get more clients for the business and will act as an important thing for the company. If good relations and friendship are maintained here that will help the business also.


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