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ORDV 5000-Week 1: Change Leadership Self-assessment

Jul 31, 2023

Week 1: Change Leadership Self-assessment

What are your strengths and opportunities from your https://Dr.-Hanson-self-assessment.pdf 


Week 1: Change Leadership Self-assessment

There are certain strengths and weaknesses of mine, and some of these are stated below-


According to my strength of mine, I truly believe that communication is an important process to connect with others and the same thing I apply in work also and always communicate with employees to understand and know what problems they are facing at work. The other strength is that I also motivate others in the works and always try to take feedback from them. Taking feedback from them will help me to understand what changes need to be implemented in the organization so that better growth and performance can take place (Armingol et al. 2021, p.72). My strength can be considered as good for the organization and the employees as I always focus on a good environment space so that they can work easily and adjust in the organization without any problem. 


The major opportunity for me is that I always believe in problem-solving techniques. I always gather the data and information and try to analyze and solve the problem without giving it up and this can be considered to be one of the opportunities for me. This nature of work will help me in the future and help in the growth of my career. I have other qualities like always acknowledging other people’s work and providing opportunities who can embrace change. It also creates the opportunity within me to understand the other work accurately and the leadership skill can be learned from that. 


Armingol, E., Officer, A., Harismendy, O., & Lewis, N. E. (2021). Deciphering cell–cell interactions and communication from gene expression. Nature Reviews Genetics22(2), 71-88. 

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