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ORDV 5000- Discussion 2: Influencing a more positive view on change

Aug 3, 2023

‘Week 7: Influencing a more positive view on change
Who (role, not name) do you anticipate showing the most resistance in your effort? What plans does your client need to put in place to influence a more positive view of the change?

Discussion 2: Influencing a more positive view on change

According to the anticipation, the most resistance to my effort will be shown by the workers of the company. And there are several reasons and they are listed below-

Firstly- Workers are adapted to things they are doing and any such changes in their work are not appreciated by them and they will not be happy with the changes in the work pattern. 

Secondly- For the changes in the worker, the workers need to be trained for the new work which can be resistant to them. There are many workers in the company who do not want to learn new things in the working pattern of the work as they are comfortable with their working conditions. 

Thirdly- Some of the workers think that learning new things is of no use as work is going perfectly so there is no need to change the pattern of working (MOD, 2021, p.460). The workers may demand more hike in wages as according to they are making more effort in the work. 

Fourthly- Workers may ask for other facilities which can lead to an increase in expenses and they may even do not want to work further in the company. This will act as n disadvantage to the company and in its growth. 
The plan that the client needs to place to implement the positive view on the changes is stated below-

Communicate with them- The first thing that should be done to create a positive view is to communicate with them. Try to communicate and make them understand and acknowledge why the new changes are necessary for the work. Communicating helps to gain their trust from them and motivates them to work further. 

Flexible timing in shifts- Flexible working shifts should be given so that they can be able to adjust in the company. If the other necessities are provided then they will appreciate the changes and will work more efficiently. 

Show the positive side of the changes- Show the workers the positive side of things. Show them that the training and the other implementations help them to learn more nave grow in their work. It will also help them to reduce their workload. 

Extra wages to the worker- Extra wages should be provided to the worker who will work properly and effectively in the company (Seymour & Geldenhuys, 2018, p.5). It will create enthusiasm in the worker to work with more motivation in the work. Extra wages for good work will create motivation in the work to do work properly and efficiently and earn the reward. 


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