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ORDV 5000- Discussion 2: Agility

Aug 7, 2023

Week 8: Agility: In what ways have you shown agility in this current consulting engagement? What is one thing you wish you would have reacted to differently?

Discussion 2: Agility

The way through which I have shown agility in this current consulting engagement are stated below-

Empower employees

Empowering employees means supporting the employees in the work, and motivating them to do well. Empowers here means, helping the employees in the work and providing them proper training in their work so that they can work more efficiently and provide good results in the work. 

Simplify the process to work faster

Another agility, that I have shown in the consulting engagement is of simplifying the process of work so that the work can be done faster (Christofi et al. 2021, p.10). If the work gets simplified then it will help to work faster and more effectively. It helps to provide the correct work within the provided time. 

Create a good environment where employees can bring out new ideas

The agility. which I have shown in the consulting engagement is related to creating a good environment for the employees. If a good environment is created then it will provide a positive effect on the work and they will be able to bring new ideas to the work. It will ultimately bring a good effect on the company and the growth in the business take place with the new ideas. 

Increase capacity through cross-team coordination

Cross-team coordination helps to build a good relationship with the other subordinate which helps to build a good relationship with each other and helps to understand and coordinate each other well. Cross-team coordination helps to build good results for the company and growth in the company can take place. 

The one thing which I wish would have reacted differently is related to the focus on a better communication process. It is seen that there is some communication gap in the organization which create problem in the completion of the work. The issues are generally created due to miscommunication as both the person are not able to understand each other well and for some reason, they are not able to reach a certain conclusion which created a problem in the work completion (Salleh et al. 2021, p.43). If this one thing I have reacted initially at the first stage only this the issue which is created due to it will not take place and the coordination of each of the person or the worker shall be good. 


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