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ORDV 5000- Discussion 1: Color-Logic quiz

Aug 4, 2023

Week 8: Color-Logic quiz

According to the Color-Logic quiz, what is your communication “color”? What does this mean for most effectively communicating with your client?

Discussion 1: Color-Logic quiz

According to the color logic quiz, my communication color of mine is Green. The green color of the communication means very analytical and enjoy knowing a lot of things. In this communication, a person finds it hard to speak without knowing all the angles first (Crameri, Shephard & Heron, 2020, p.5). These communications mean the most effective communication with the client for various reasons and the reasons are stated below-

Understand the emotions of others One of the reasons for this color to be the most effective communication with the client is because, in this color of communication, the people understand the other person’s emotions in the communication process. If the person understands the other person’s emotion then he will respect the other person and his thought which create a good impact on the client. 

Enjoys knowing a lot of things-This color can be termed as the most effective communication because here the person wants to know more things and is enjoying knowing. If the person wants to know more then he is open to understanding another person’s perspective as well as does not try to push his thought on others. 

Speak with the client after knowing all the angles- The person who is communicating with the client will not say anything or any random thought or knowledge of his own. The person will know all the angles of the situation and after that speak. It will create a good impression on the client and the client will also want to work where they get the whole information about the work with proper knowledge of what that communication is taking place. 

Provide the correct information- If the person has the correct information then he will provide the correct information and detailed information to the client which creates a positive effect on the client. In this color communication, the person always analyzes all points then he speaks to communicate. The client also wants to communicate or do business and provide the full information which is required as per the need.

Ready to acknowledge new things which help in better understanding- The person who is ready to think in all certain ways is always ready to acknowledge the new work and new things in the work (Stacho et al. 2019, p.10). If the person is open to new things to acknowledge then it will help to create a good impact on the client as the client will know that person will accept the new thing in a positive manner which is good for the business. 


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