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ORDV 5000- Discussion 1: Behavioral Changes Management

Aug 3, 2023

What are the top two impacts (behaviors or mindsets) that your client will need to manage in order for the effort to be successful? What actions will be necessary to enable these specific changes?

Discussion 1: Behavioral Changes Management

The top 2 mindsets that the client needs to manage for the effort to be successful are listed below-
Growth mindset – A growth mindset is necessary that clients need to manage for a successful business. If the client’s mindset is about growth then he will consider all the factors which led to the growth in the business. If the client thinks of the growth in the business then only he can get success in the work (Jamieson et al. 2018, p.246). The growth mindset helps to motivate the client to get better in their work and apply various strategies in the work. If the mindset is all about the growth of the company then the client keeps the focus on the various new strategies which can help in the growth of the business. The growth mindset helps the client to think beyond the comfort area and will always try to implement something new which helps in the growth of the business. 
Positive mindset- For any business the major mindset that the client should have is positive. A positive mindset helps the client to deal with the work in a positive way and can easily handle the critical situations of the company. The positive attitude of the client helps to understand the problem properly in the business and can make the decision properly. A good decision helps in the growth of the company even if there is a certain problem that takes place in the business a positive mindset and calmness help to deal with the situation properly. 
The actions which will be necessary to enable these specific changes are stated below-
Firstly the client should always focus on learning new things. If the curiosity of the new learning is there then successful business can take place. 
Secondly, if the client will focus on proper communication with the staff members then it will help them to understand the other viewpoints on things and will understand what changes are necessary for the organization. Good communication helps to make good relations with the other and gain the trust of the person which helps in the growth of the business. 
Thirdly failures should always be taken as opportunities in the business (Daspit, Fox & Findley, 2021, p.10). The failures always help to understand the problem which needs to be more focused on the growth of the company and provide an opportunity to get better with that. 


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