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ORDV 5000- Consulting Data Analysis

Aug 3, 2023

Turn in your analysis or report of the data you collected for your client. Describe the steps you have taken or will soon be taking to collectively interpret what this data is telling you and your client.

Consulting Data Analysis

The data which were collected from the client shows that some steps are to be taken to interpret what this data is telling. The steps are stated below- 

Management department 

In the management department, several data have been collect for which steps are taken-
Firstly proper communication should take place in this department. It is seen that due to the miscommunication, the product was not managed properly
Secondly, proper planning should be done on which goods need to be more attentive to and which need to be kept properly (Zilberova, Petrov & Artsishevsky, 2020, p.20).
Thirdly the steps are taken in the allocation of the resources because it is seen that the resources are not properly allocated to the department which creates the choice within the department. So allocation should be done accordingly. 

Marketing Department

There are various steps which need to be taken in the marketing department. As per the data, the steps which are taken are stated below-
The first step is to manage the brand of the product. It is seen that the brand is not properly managed and due to this, the company is facing a loss.
The second step is the proper marketing and the promotion of the product. Due to the less marketing of the product, it is seen that the various customer does not know about the product (Sadchenko et al. 2020, p.15). The data shows that the marketing of the product is done properly so more focus should be taken on this part.
The third step is to monitor and manage the social media account. Social media is an important channel to attract customers. The social media account is not managed properly which leads to fewer interactions with the customer and it needs to be improvised. 

Warehousing department

Various steps need to be taken in the warehousing department work according to the recent data analysis and it is stated below-
Firstly the recent data shows that the product packaging and the grading are not done properly. So the first step is to ensure that the product packaging is done properly so that customers do not receive the wrong or broken package from the company.
The second step which should be taken is related to the risk-bearing in the warehouse. The proper contract should be made with the dealer related to the warehouse so that in case of any fault the risk should also be beard by contractors. The product is risk-prone when they are kept in the warehouse due to theft, fire, deterioration, or some power cuts in the cold storage chain and this leads to the product good unfit to use. For this purpose, the proper contract should be made so that it does not create problems the next time

Logistic department

There are various steps which need to be taken in the logistic department and they are stated below-
The first step which should be taken is material handling. In the stores, there the various product that needs extra care to handle otherwise they will get damaged. So here the data shows that the products are not handled properly and need to be handled accordingly (Birznieks & Licite-Kurbe, 2021, p.5). 
The second step that comes is the missing product in the packaging. The data of the recent analysis shows that there are various accessories of the product which got missed in the packet and the customer gas to suffer a lot due to this. The step taken is to ensure that this problem does not take place again and the customer does not have to suffer a lot due to this issue.
The third step according to the data analysis shows that the product did not reach the final consumer in time. The customer has to suffer as the transport facilities of the company are not good they did not deliver the product in the actual time which they mentioned. So the steps should be taken to rectify this problem. So that customers did not have to suffer more. 


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