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ORDV 5000- Consulting Data Analysis

Aug 12, 2023

Submit your PowerPoint presentation with a recorded voice-over of consulting engagement overview. 

Consulting Data Analysis

Purpose of the presentation

In the consulting engagement, the consultant helps the client to create the subject matter. The main purpose of the presentation is to provide guidance and actionable solutions to the organization (Van Zyl et al. 2021, p.4015). With the help of the presentation relating to the consulting project, it helps to analyze the requirement of the organization and the things which need to be changed. The consulting firm tends to have a special focus on the matter which the company could not handle. Consulting engagement can guide related to the subject matter and provide a useful solution to the problem. 

Stages of consulting cycle

There are 5 steps in the consulting engagement cycle and they are stated below –

Partnership setup– As the senior executive of the company the first step I will take is to build a partnership deal with the client. It is the initial step of the consulting engagement where we come to know the requirement of the client and provide a brief discussion about the work which will be performed. 

Assessment– In this step of the consulting engagement as the senior executive of the organization I will assess the client regarding the work. The work will be properly assessed by both the parties like what work needs to be performed and which things need to be avoided. Here the assessment of the work is done by both parties before starting the work so that both of them agree on the same topic.

Solution Design– After the proper assessment of the work the other steps which we meet to perform as the senior executive is to design the solution according to the requirement of the client. The solution design is made so that it will be easy to know what implementation the client wants and will design the work accordingly. 

Solution delivery– After completion of the work the solution of the design will get delivered to the client. The delivery of the design is performed after the work got completed according to the information and the instruction provided by the client.

Measurement– It is the last stage of the consultant engagement where after the delivery of the work to the client the measurement is done that which part is more focused and what changes were made in the work. 

Phases of a consulting engagement

There are five phases of the consulting engagement and they are stated below-

Proposal– Here the proposal is related to the problem which has taken place. The proposal is provided by a senior executive to the client and provided a brief discussion about the project so that the client can know well about the proposal. It is made to show the benefits which clients can get from working with the organization. 

Kickoff– After the proposal is provided to the client and if the client feels that the proposal is good enough to continue then the proposal will get a kick start. After the client understands the proposal that the senior executive has provided and if the client wants to continue the project then the project will get kick-started. After the project gets started it provides the assurances that the project will be continued and the organization gets the investor for the project

Delivery– The delivery of the project take place once the project gets started. Once the project is stated according to the plan the delivery of the work takes place and the consultant makes sure that all the work will be done properly and according to the requirement of the client. 

Closure– After the work got properly done and the solution is provided to the client then the closure of the deal will take place. The consultant should make sure that the work they performed should be liked to be the client and should be made according to the client’s requirements. 

Archive– After the work is performed it needs to be saved so that in the future if further references can take place then it will help in providing the information. 

Advantages of a consulting engagement

There are certain advantages of the consulting engagement and they are listed below-

Time-saving– The major advantage of consulting engagement is it saves time. If the project is provided to the consultant, then it will save time related to the research process, and the consultant will do all the research processes and provide the correct information (Čular, Slapničar & Vuko, 2020, p.1000). If the consulting is provided with the work, then it saves unnecessary time and other important work can be done. 

Cost-saving– The other major advantage of consulting engagement is that it saves costs. If the project or the work is transferred to the consultant then all the botheration relating to the work is done by the consultant for which we have to provide a certain amount of the fees. It saves the cost of in investing any other things which we do not know related to the work. 

Expertise advice- One of the advantages of taking the consulting engagement is the benefit of having an expert. The expert advice related to the project help in the completion of the work in less time (Meyer & Schneider, 2021, p.10). 


Čular, M., Slapničar, S., & Vuko, T. (2020). The effect of internal auditors’ engagement in risk management consulting on external auditors’ reliance decision. European Accounting Review29(5), 999-1020.  

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