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MT 450- Week 1 Discussion: Reflection on the company

Sep 18, 2023

Reflect on the week 1 reading materials and discuss all the important aspects by providing all of your thoughts on the particular subject.

Week 1 Discussion: Reflection on the company

Adaptive Sports Global is a sports products and facilities provider organization. I consider that Adaptive Sports Global is an organization that requires the unification of global human beings through the essence of sports. The company believes that involvement in sports makes a human being progressive. The value of the company is to provide a dynamic attitude to human beings. Adaptive Sports Global uses its business dynamics to provide an increment of brand reputation and circulation of sports goods and facilities. The circulation of adaptive equipment for different terrains and climates, adaptive measures for different sports, and circulation of efficient performance

Values, mission, and objectives

I consider that Adaptive Sports Global can make the value based on environmental conservation. I consider that environmental conservation is the need of the modern generation for the save of planet. This provides the understanding that this organization has been conceding about the sustainable manner.  I also consider that Adaptive Sports Global must have the mission to reduce carbon prints on sports products and facilities. I think carbon is one of the ingredients that is used in sports gear and equipment and it is required to be reduced.  The company has to provide innovative solutions in their products and facilities as organizational objectives. I think through the use of innovation better and more sustainable products can be manufactured (, 2021). 

Departments collaborating with the marketing department

I consider that the marketing department is the essential department that can make direct connections with the customers of Adaptive Sports Global. It can also help the company to make the direct circulation of products. My departments are the Department of IT or Engineering, Sales Department, Procurement or Production Department, and Distribution or Customer Services. I consider these departments to be efficient and the business dynamics of Adaptive Sports Global more progressive. The production department and IT department on the internet are needed for Adaptive Sports Global to maintain its business lubrication.

Reference (2021) Adaptive Sports Global Retrieved from:  [Retrieved on: 15 November 2021]

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