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MPM 663 – Week 2 Individual Assignment

Sep 13, 2023

Week 2 Individual Assignment


Your meeting with your ASDG team went exceptionally well, and you appreciate the depth of knowledge and experience they bring to bear on this contract. From the meeting, you compiled a list of topics for training project quality management processes. And, because of your concern about the perspectives of the LSDS project managers, you want your introduction (the first slide or two) to convince them of the importance of project quality management by explaining what it is, its origins, its purpose, and its benefits to projects as well as its benefit to the organizations.

Week 2 Individual Assignment

Project quality management is the process where the quality of all the activities is measured. With that, the correct action is taken so that the team or the organization can reach the desired goal. Quality management is done so that the cost of the project can be controlled and that steps are being determined that should be taken to achieve the standard. The main work of the LSDS is to identify the requirement of quality and to find out how the project will follow those requirements effectively with. Then implement the activities, and document all the activities that are mainly required for quality management (Daniel et al. 2018, p.5). By adopting project quality management, LSDS will get several benefits, including standardizing the activities, competitive advantage in the market, gaining reputation, and growth in the organization’s shares. In training the LSDS project managers to learn about project quality management processes, the LSBS will learn about quality planning, quality assurances, and quality control. These are the three essential parts that need to be learned in training. 

Quality planning is the initial stage and the method where the decision is made about the essential things needed for the project. Here the decision is made on which things are most important so that the project can be completed on time or as per the plan. In this part, the decision is taken related to the allocation of resources, steps that are needed, and how to perform the work so that work can get completed in the desired time and achieve the goal.

Quality Assurances– In the quality assurances, the quality of the project is assured so that the work can be appropriately performed by following the standard. Here the quality is verified by the inspection to understand that the outcome met the standardization and the requirements of the products and the services. Here the quality of the work is being assessed to meet the requirements. 

Quality control– In the quality control process, the inspecting, testing, and reporting reports are to be done to ensure that they meet the project’s requirements. To ensure the project has been done correctly and effective quality control is done (Bastos, Scarpin & Junior, 2019, p.275). Here the checking is done that the work is completed correctly. With the help of quality control, the inspection is done to ensure the work is done correctly.

The LSDS will need to ensure the processes are being followed, which are stated below-

Firstly, the proper system and procedure are to be followed so that the work can be done effectively by following the proper way and manners.

Secondly, regular audits and assessments should be done so that it can be easy to understand how things should be done correctly and effectively.

Thirdly a good culture and a problem-solving environment should be created so the problem can be adequately solved. 


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Daniel, F., Kucherbaev, P., Cappiello, C., Benatallah, B., & Allahbakhsh, M. (2018). Quality control in crowdsourcing: A survey of quality attributes, assessment techniques, and assurance actions. ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR)51(1), 1-40. 

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