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MPM 643- Weekly Discussion Question

Aug 28, 2023

Weekly Discussion Question – (25 points)

Situation — After reviewing your EVM work, the Program Manager submitted your updated plan to the DIT COO for review. Both were fairly pleased and had only a few questions and suggestions for improving the work to make the EV concept more understandable to the DIT project managers. They ask that you include in the plan a breakdown and explanation of all associated acronyms in this section.

Weekly Discussion Question

The breakdown is one of the most common things which take place in every organization. Breakdown means a sudden and accidental breakdown of an Object or part thereof, that necessitates repair or replacement of the Object or part thereof. In the working organization, it is common that some things will always break down at work and the organization should be ready with a backup plan so that it can be easy to handle the situation most appropriately as well. The breakdown at work is one of the things that take place due to various reasons. While making a new plan for the organization one should always be ready to make a backup plan or should include a breakdown plan. Though the breakdown doesn’t need to take place necessarily the circumstances or the event are there that this can take place. So, it will be easy for the organization to make such a plan so that they can be ready to handle the situation any day if certain or this type of situation the place within the organization (Ranjan, Snedeker & Chen, 2019, p.669). There are various reasons in the organization due which the breakdown in the organization or the work takes place and some of them are stated below-

Machinery breakdown– One of the most important reasons for the breakdown in the work is the machinery. The machinery is an important part of the completion of the work. So, if the machinery gets breakdown, then the work will get halted and lead to loss. The machinery breakdown is one of the main causes of the halt of the project. The reason for the machinery breakdown is that when the machinery is not properly maintained the proper lubrication with the oil is not down. If the proper maintenance of the mkachi8ne is not done then the chances of its breakdown are common

Lack of transparency– The breakdown breaksthat of the work take place when in the work transparency is not there. In any work transparency is one of the most important things which should be looked after. If the transparency is there then the people can able to understand each other well and their requirements and a breakdown situation will not take place as well.  The work or communication is not transparent so the work will not be completed had the breakdown can take place.

Communication issue- The major and most important part of the organization is communication.  It can be seen that communication plays an important role in the work. If good communication takes place at work, then a breakdown situation will not arise in the organization as well. Due to improper communication people are not able to understand each other well that what they are trying to say or the work which needs to be done as well (Peeva et al. 2018, p.5). For this reason, it can be said that the communication issue should be solved in the organization so that the work can be done properly without any breakdown.

Lack of planning– Proper planning in any of the work will lead to getting successful. Planning is an important and major part of the work as it helps in the growth of the company and understanding the changes that need to be done so that the organization can work properly and inductively as well.  If proper planning does not take place in the organization, then it sometimes leads to loss. To the organization as well. It can be said that proper planning led to the proper running of the organization as well.

There are various ways through which the breakdown in the project can be stopped or to be reduced and they are stated below-

Firstly, the organization should regularly check on the machine that needs to be changed or whether the machines are working properly or not. The proper verification should be done so that it can be known whether the machinery is working properly or not or if some replacements are required (Paiva et al. 2018, p.4860). If regular checkup is done then there are fewer chances of a breakdown of the machinery all of the sudden and the work can be performed properly.

Secondly, all the work that needs to be done in the organization should be properly managed so that it does not create any sort of issues and the people related to the miss management of the work also not take place and the work gets completed within the provided period without any kind of delay.


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